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Wendy Priesnitz - writer, editor, changemaker
Wendy Priesnitz
writer, editor, changemaker
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For the past 40+ years, I have played with the idea of writing as activism, a way to help create change in the aspects of life about which I care the most. My output over more than 45 years includes newspaper and magazine articles and columns, essays, poems, blogs, and websites, as well as thirteen books that I have written directly and many more to which I've contributed. In addition to the posts on my blog (see link above), here are links to some of those pieces of writing.

Writing About Education

Natural Life's Green and Healthy Homes

Life Learning book

Challenging Assumptions in Education

Beyond School

Writing about Green, Healthy Living

Writing About Media and Media Literacy

Writing About Play

Writing about Conscious Parenting

Writing about Social Change

Writing about Business and Work

Personal and Memoir Writing




For a free PDF download of these books, go here.

These books are now out of print:

These are some of the books I’ve contributed to:

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