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For over 45 years, Natural Life Magazine has been helping readers gain more self-reliance for their families and communities, while simplifying life and getting back in touch with old-fashioned skills in a modern way. We cover green living, natural homes, healthy food and organic gardening, natural parenting and alternative education, sustainable economics, health and wellness, life-affirming leisure activities, and many other aspects of natural family living. This website presents over 500 articles on those topics from our archives, and we are adding and updating articles on a regular basis.
Hemp Fiber

Hemp Fiber - An Old Material Making a Comeback - Hemp is a new/old environmentally-friendly fiber that is becoming increasingly popular for clothes and home furnishings.

redefining progress

It's Not About Growth - The traditional way of measuring econonic health is the GDP. But there are alternative economic indicators that factor in the quality of life.

earthship interview

Sustainable Living in an Earthship - Editor Wendy Priesnitz talks with Annie Warmke of Ohio's Blue Rock Station about life on a sustainable smallholding, and a house built of tires, cans, bottles, and straw bales.

stop stacking stones

Stop Stacking Stones - Stone stacking or rock balancing may seem like a creative, meditative pastime, but it is problematic. It violates the ethic of “leave no trace” and has many other negative impacts.

precautionary principle

Better Safe Than Sorry - The Precautionary Principle is a tool for making good health and environmental decisions when not all the scientific evidence is available. It is especially useful during a pandemic.

the Slow movement

Embracing Slow - The pandemic has forced many changes in people's lives. And we're discovering what others in the Slow movement have known for awhile: Slowing down can have many positive side effects. 

bamboo textiles

Bamboo Textiles - Bamboo is a potentially environmentally-friendly plant that makes a wonderful clothing material. It allows for better moisture absorption and ventilation than other fibers. It is also hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant.


Cooperating Through Co-ops - Our current capitalist system is broken. As one alternative, cooperatives enable us to come together to meet common economic, social, and cultural needs through a democratically-controlled model.

natural play

Natural Play: Ditching Fancy Toys for Sticks and Mud - As children ditch their toys and play spontaneously with things in Nature, their senses are stimulated, minds engaged, and imaginations developed.


The Toxic Consequences of Fireworks - Fireworks have many toxic consequences, including air and water, pollution, negative health effects, and physical and psychological damage from noise.

household cleaners

What is the Dirt on Household Cleaners? - The many health and environmental dangers of household cleaning products are described, plus instructions for making your own alternatives are provided.


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