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Crafting for a Greener World Contest Winner

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Announcing the winner of the first-ever
“Crafting for a Greener World” Crafting Challenge for all ages.

The challenge has ended. Crafting for a Greener World columnist Robyn Coburn has chosen the winner by random draw. She says, "I did it the old fashioned way, putting all the names on slips of paper in a bowl." Congratulations to the winner, Astrid Niles, creator of "Shark Habitat," below.

The Entries
Emma's Diorama
At the Circus
Emma Martel, age 8
Shark Habitat Diorama
Shark Habitat
by Astrid Niles, age 5
Space Rocket diorama
Space Rocket
by Gwendolyn Niles, age 7
Coral Reef Diorama
Coral Reef
by Audrey Costes, age 5
Stormy Night Diorama
Stormy Night
by Olivia Costes, age 13
Funny Farm  Diorama
Funny Farm
by Piper Anderson, age 12
by Briar Anderson, age 9
Tropical Lady diorama by Violet Stock
Tropical Lady
by Violet Stock, age 9
Woman in House diorama by Jeremiah Stock
Woman in House
by Jeremiah Stock, age 6



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