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It Hasn't Shut Me Up: A Memoir
by Wendy Priesnitz
It Hasn't Shut Me Up - a memoir by Wendy Priesnitz
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It Hasn't Shut Me Up is a memoir of mothering and daughtering that is presented as a tapestry woven with prose, poetry, and photographs. It is a personal piece of writing about overcoming our own oppressive and silencing parenting in order to offer our children a relationship that respects, honors, and trusts them to grow and develop with dignity. It is rooted in Wendy Priesnitz's childhood, but also in her growth as a woman and a mother who has learned from her past to honor her mother while nurturing her daughters.

Author's statement:
"For many of us, one of the journeys of our lives is to find peace with the way we were parented. Women, especially, seem to need to understand themselves in the context of their mothers (if only not to become her). As I sorted through the truths and mythologies of fifty-eight years of life with my mother, I realized that many of the lessons we teach our children are not what we intended. My mother bequeathed to me her stubbornness and strength, which I have used to challenge authority and power – quite the opposite from the way she used those traits. Also by reverse example, she taught me about the need to respect and trust children. Similarly, her silence about so many things taught me about the importance of speaking out about that and many other things. I am glad that none of that has shut me up!"

About the Author:
Wendy Priesnitz is an author, editor, journalist, and change-maker who is also an advocate for homeschooling/unschooling. When she was barely out of her teens, she recognized the need for rethinking how we work, play, and educate ourselves in order to restore the planet’s social and ecological balance. For the last forty years, her mission has been to help people understand the interconnections within the web of life on Earth and to encourage them to challenge the assumptions inherent in the often conflicting choices we make in our daily lives. She and her husband helped their two now-adult daughters learn at home when unschooling was unheard of, beginning in the 1970s. She has authored twelve other books and contributed to many others. She also edits Life Learning, Natural Life, and Natural Child Magazines.


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