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Natural Life Books is the retail division of Life Media, which publishes books under The Alternate Press imprint. It is named after Natural Life Magazine, which is also published by Life Media and has, since 1976, been providing information and inspiration about the green living and progressive education topics.

Life Media is a small, independent, environmentally-conscious multimedia information publishing company, which is still owned and operated by the founding family. Our goal is to provide editorially independent, quality products and a high level of service and integrity, in a way that minimizes our ecological footprint and respects all the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

We believe that sustainability is not just about the environment. It is an interconnection of cultural, social, economic and environmental practices. It means taking care of where we live…and part of that involves building strong communities, with healthy, locally-owned businesses that sell good products at fair prices.

As one of the original North American sources of information about natural family living and home-based education, we work hard to provide a fresh perspective on these important topics. As a result, you'll find us always a bit ahead of the pack. Our non-fiction books are inspirational, sometimes controversial, always honest, and forever practical. We are known for providing straightforward facts, analysis, opinions and how-to information about green family living and homeschooling/unschooling (which we prefer to call life learning).

For information about Life Media's other publishing endeavors and products, please visit the Life Media website.

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Natural Life Books specializes in adult non-fiction about ways that families and individuals can live and learn on Planet Earth in a healthy, socially responsible, environmentally sound, self-reliant manner. We are the retail division of The Alternate Press, an imprint of Life Media, an independent, family-owned book and magazine publishing house established in 1976.