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Natural Life MagazineNatural Life Magazine
A massive and ever-growing collection of articles providing inspiration and information for natural family living, published since 1976.
Life LearningLife Learning Magazine
An ever-growing collection of free articles about unschooling: personalized, non-coercive, active, interest-led learning from life, published since 2002.
Natural Child Online MagazineNatural Child Magazine
An ever-growing collection of free articles about healthy, natural living from birth through mid childhood.
Childs Play Online MagazineChild's Play Magazine
A new and ever-growing collection of free articles exploring the power of play for both children and the adults who love them.
Your guide to exploring how we can live well - life with all its complexities, wonders, variety, and interconnections.
Natural Life BooksNatural Life Books
Books published by Life Media about unschooling, green living, and home business.
Editor Wendy PriesnitzEditor Wendy Priesnitz
Selected writings and blog by the veteran author, editor, journalist, and changemaker who owns Life Media.
resources for Canadian
A collection of resources about home-based learning in Canada, compiled by a pioneering organizer of the Canadian home education movement.
start and run a home businessStart and Run Your Own Business
A collection of free how-to articles about home-based, micro, and green business, as well as "unjobbing."
Apprenticeship CanadaApprenticeship Canada
A site that's currently being developed to promote apprenticeship training programs as an effective path to a career in the skilled trades and to supporting communication among those who are involved in apprenticeship training across Canada.

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