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Here are just some of the unsolicited testimonials our readers have sent us.

Your magazine rocks!!!
Portland, Oregon, USA

The quality of Natural Life articles is so much better those we find in 'mainstream' magazines like Time. Time did a big article about fish farming. It says so much but fails to say the most important things. 
Gene, California, USA

Your articles are challenging, wonderful, intelligent, densely-packed, and in short, life-changing. Thank you for all your work.
Kelly, Hoquiam, Washington, USA

I would just like to thank you for your inspiring magazine. I gave birth to a beautiful boy. I was supposed to go back to study in Medicine when I started reading your magazine. What a revelation! I enjoy reading every single article, especially those about parenting and homeschooling. I find your advice so natural and rooted in my core that I contacted the university to let them know I will not be returning in September to study because I want to cherish every moment with my son. Puzzled, my loved ones have reacted strongly, both positively and negatively, following my decision. However, because of your articles, I am feeling that I am true to myself more than ever.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say how much I love reading your magazine. As an unschooler and a farmer look for a sustainable life for my family, your magazine is perfect for me.
Canungra, Australia

I just read Natural Life Magazine and must tell you how impressed I am with the quality and choice of the articles! I am a student and we do an exorbitant amount of research on topics of this same nature. Nearly every article you presented in this issue was one that I or other students could quote and site as reliable information in our particular fields of study. And, to make matters even better, each article has additional web addresses for more research sources about the topic. Indeed, I look forward to more issues! Thank you for the wonderful surprise and for doing such an articulate job!
Des Moines, Washington, USA

Thank you for such an inspiring & uplifting magazine! My husband and I really enjoyed your article on dome houses. It inspired us to set a goal of building one for ourselves and to begin researching it now.
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I am again amazed at how well you are able to integrate so much wonderful material into a single issue. As far as I'm concerned, Natural Life is THE magazine for natural, sustainable living. Thanks again for all you do.
Everett, Washington, USA 

What a treasure! I must tell you that you have a fantastic magazine, full-packed with interesting and pertinent information for conscious people.
Allison, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Thank you for your well written and extremely accurate article "Can Technology Make Us Ill?" I've been following the EMF subject for many years read tons of articles on the subject and yours is amongst the best.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Your publication is like a breath of fresh air with no greenwashing! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it.
Sandra, Seattle, Washington, USA 

I recently read Natural Life and was mightily impressed. It had me nodding my head in agreement on pretty well every article. It was amazing! You are to be congratulated.
Linda, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Thank you for your wonderful and informative publication. I always find new news and several articles to follow up on or pass along to others. Last week my husband was reading to me from a different publication and after a couple of 'Yeah-yeah- I-know-about-thats' from me, he asked if I had already read his newly arrived magazine. I got to say "No, I've read all this in Natural Life a month ago." Sarah, Fort Worth, Texas, USA 

I was recently introduced to your magazine via an article on home education. What a treasure. I must tell you that you have a fantastic website full-packed with interesting and pertinent information for conscious people, Thank you. P.S. I would much rather buy my books from you than amazon.
Leeds, UK

As far as I know, no other publication gives so much honest information about the topics I believe in, unlike the mainstream trash that is out there. It brings much needed sanity in our insane world.
Susie, Hudson, Quebec, Canada 

Your recent article on food miles was wonderfully researched and very informative. The magazine makes for awesome reading.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say:- 'Oh my God , your site is brilliant! Thanks so much for making all of this available. I'll be stuck here for months! Brilliant!!!!
Wendy, New Zealand

I have admired your magazine for many years, ever since I was a university student in the '70s and '80s. I'm delighted that you're still at it. Nice work!
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Thank you for giving some real advice about ADHD. This takes courage. I rarely see the truth printed about this “disorder.” People should know it has no scientific basis in fact. Too many “experts” don't want them to know.
San Jose, California, USA

You never disappoint us. One of the things I admire is that you don't go for the easy answer, but rather your vast knowledge and research give your answers depth and credibility.
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

How lovely! Thanks so much for sending me a copy of the magazine. I've never before been published in a magazine so much in consonance with my beliefs and goals. It was a great honor.
Bernie DeKoven,
Redondo Beach, California, USA

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I (and a number of my patients, who read your magazine) think your publication does a very fine job of informing and inspiring people to a simpler, yet richer way of living. As someone who has been active in the environmental, peace and social justice movements for 30-odd years, it is wonderful to see publications such as yours presenting a vision of the future that is not only sustainable, but also attractive.
Warren Bell, BA MD CM CCFP FCFP, Past Founding President, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment


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