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Natural Life Celebrated
30 Years of Publishing in 2006

The year 2006 marked the 30th anniversary of the launch of Natural Life Magazine. Here are some of the highlights of those three decades...from the days of black and white photos, typesetting and paste-up by hand, before personal computers and the Internet. cover of the first issue of Natural Life

The front cover of the first issue, published in November of 1976, featured a traditional farm scene, while on the back was the same scenery with a "modern" back-to-the-land scenario of geodesic dome, wind generator and other sustainable lifestyle features. That and subsequent early issues of Natural Life featured articles about home birth, whole foods, home crafts, organic gardening, homeschooling, sustainable housing, and frugal living.

Natural Life has come a long way since then, but maintained the same independent ownership and editorial integrity. And its mandate is still the same. Here's how founder and Publisher Rolf Priesnitz put it in the first issue:

"Natural Life magazine was created to help provide the information that each of us needs to base our decisions on, and find our personal solutions to, the day-to-day alternatives available to us and our families. We hope to demonstrate the natural alternatives which will provide the greatest chance for a peaceful, healthy, environmentally friendly co-existence. Natural Life will report on developments in the environmentally appropriate technologies; focus on the positive steps each of us can take to live as close to the natural life as possible; provide contact with people and organizations engaged in the search for the natural life; and serve as a medium for the exchange of views on how to attain a saner world in which to live."

We're proud that more than 30 years later, Natural Life continues this work of providing personalized green solutions to natural family living and ecological problems with a new generation of readers. 

Have a look back with us at the anniversary features we published in 2006 highlighting some of the solutions we've provided to readers across North America and around the world since 1976.

Here is a complete PDF version of the September/October, 1978 issue of Natural Life (5 meg file).

Here is a feature interview with Natural Life Magazine founder and publisher Rolf Priesnitz, in the November/December 2006 issue.


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