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Below is a small sampling of the contents of Natural Life Magazine over the years. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a retrospective of the first year of publishing in 1976. To read both new articles and those from our archives, visit our main article subject index.

Natural Life Jan/Feb 2011 Natural sugar substitutes; singing to our children; craft projects that reuse plastic containers; overfed but undernourished; changing our world one step at a time; hybrid commuting with bicycle and car; living and learning far from the mainstream; gentle art of birthing at home; passive solar; cob home wins Living Building Challenge; cooking with beans and lentils
Natural Life Nov/Dec 2010 Are digital books greener than print?, the problem with plastic; holiday baking for a gluten-free child; finding community without living in one; co-operatives; planning a green wedding; reflections on the mall; choosing progressive educational opportunities; the little princess syndrome; helping kids manage media; cooking with kale and chard; sustainable homes; the new minimalism
Natural Life Sept/Oct 2010 Radon; creating useful objects with yarn from old t-shirt fabric; herbs during pregnancy and beyond; when a baby's early arrival rewrites a home birth plan, planning a Nature walk with children; rooftop solar and wind; unschooling is the CSA model of learning; yoga for eating disorders; the flip side of gratitude; the cracks in green home certification programs; preserving food and family life
Natural Life July/Aug 2010 Cleaning up the solar industry, refashioning old t-shirts into new clothing, kids help us remember the small picture, new R-words help move us toward sustainability, birthing my garden, the new cycling revolution, small-scale aquaponics, women who are changing the way we eat, eight ways to a greener home, communicating for change, delight learning, carbon footprint measuring and green building codes
Natural Life May/June 2010 Choosing an organic mattress, ethics of refashioning old textiles into something new, personal peacemaking, pet dogs and coyotes, hiking as a metaphor for life, sustainable urban homesteading, vermicomposting, real food for real kids, toward educative and democratic communities, parenthood's responsibilities, Naomi Aldort: when your child disturbs in public, R-2000 homes, organic recipes
Natural Life March/April 2010 Buycotting and ethical consumerism, yoga in a child's life, green smoothies, small net-zero energy house, top ten green building trends, restoring a property to ecological balance, wholistic simplicity, yard sharing, helping a child manage a chronic disease, Naomi Aldort: freedom not license, greening our clothing, the Living Building Challenge, vertical farming
Natural Life Jan/Feb 2010 Recycle your old cell phone, safer art and craft materials, seeking answers about breast cancer, rev up your immunity naturally, our kitchens as wellness centers, Biologic Architecture, Transition Town movement, what unschoolers can offer to public education, children and sexuality, green and healthy personal care products, Passivhaus, education should empower citizens to make our communities work
Natural Life Nov/Dec 2009 Making recycled gift wrap, voluntourism, yoga and diet for dealing with PMS, one woman's path to humanism, celebrating the winter solstice, urban beekeeping, yurts, forest preschools, job sharing, what homeschooling taught a mom who wants to write, a week in the life of an unschooled teen, raw milk, is LEED as green as it could be, the Zen of motherhood
Natural Life Sept/Oct 2009 Retrofit your home with straw bales, make your own craft kit, the great diaper debate, Elimination Communication: going diaper-free, no baby products needed, eco-fibers: organic wool, health and environmental risks of eating fish, homeschooling heals trauma of school disease, respectful parenting, Naomi Aldort: when your diaper-free baby grows into diapers, the no-dig garden, cool weather soups
Natural Life July/Aug 2009 How dangerous is fluoride in our water?, improving indoor air quality, crafting for a greener world, developing a sustainable culture, edible weeds, transitioning to country life, the art of timber framing, the family hammock, decentralizing educational authority, synthetic eco fibers, growing a snack patch, why your child doesn't need preschool, converting your family to healthy eating
Natural Life May/June 2009 The truth about green jobs, journeying to a sustainable lifestyle, beyond Nature-Deficit Disorder, raising a humane child, living a gluten-free life to remedy celiac disease, LEED platinum net-zero energy home, raised bed intensive gardening, hemp fabrics, unschooling mom finds life balance, unschooling as the ultimate feminist act, yoga for kids, radical unschooling and philosophy studies, the creative garden, eye health, gardening for biodiversity
Natural Life Mar/Apr, 2009 Reducing your carbon footprint; bringing Nature into your home decor; saving energy in a LEED home; turn your toddler green; super-insulated energy retrofit of an old house; preparing your organic garden; chickens in your backyard; recovering from postpartum depression; bamboo textiles; the dark side of schooling; free universities; eco-friendly moving; dealing with sibling teasing; alternative economic indicators; stretch your organic spending power
Natural Life Jan/Feb, 2009 Make your own household cleaners, be safe and save $; recycling in your garden; interview with natural landscape pioneer Lorrie Otto; self-propelled winter sports; involving kids in outdoor sports; greening your dog's life; a small, green and affordable home; Permaculture: living and growing with the natural world; a doctor gives bad advice about breastfeeding; creating a homeschooling community learning center; weathering winter with oriental medicine
Natural Life Nov/Dec 2008 Examining grass-fed beef, cork is a sustainable interior design product, alternatives to disposable menstrual products, the problem with factory forms of education, questioning compulsory schooling, learning math from real life, straw-clay/post and beam home, organic fabrics, spacing children's births, playing in Nature
Natural Life Sept/Oct 2008 Pedaling bike power, the Findhorn Garden story, starting a green home business, applying LEED principles to home design, green reno to a 19th century home, Ask NL: Air fresheners or air pollutants?trusting children's choices, the feminine side of Bau-biologie, computers and unschooling
Natural Life July/August 2008 Home birth is green, learning to be present, dome homes, eco-friendly summer sports, sustainable design for children's rooms, plant veggies where your lawn was, living with a child with food sensitivities, learning to draw by observing nature, trusting and living in the moment, green birthday parties, interview with Russell Scott about spirituality and sustainability
Natural Life May/June, 2008 Interview: living and working off-grid, detecting greenwashing, Ask Natural Life: plastics, when art meets ecology, sustainable housing means a sense of place, revisiting WindSong cohousing community, solar-powered car, creating a sacred garden, surviving computer addiction, beautiful broccoli, being in Nature with children
Natural Life, March/April 2008 Natural burials, Ask Natural Life: nanotechnology, creating an organic color scheme in your home, being rich means living sustainably, Edmonton net-zero energy duplex, the high environmental cost of playing golf, creating a song bird-friendly garden, feeding your dog raw meaty bones, protecting kids from commercialism, interview with a Burmese monk
Natural Life, January/February 2008 Net-zero energy home in rural Quebec, fixing and preventing mold in your home, environmentally-sound wood heat, leading edge solar homes in competition, gardening with native plants and wildflowers, environmental problems hurt kids the most, interview with an eco-friendly natural food store owner, Ask Natural Life: electromagnetic fields and health
Natural Life, November/December, 2007 Ask Natural Life: peat moss and the ecological garden, the clothesline revolution, ecovillages reduce ecological footprints, lifecycle building creates adaptable homes, growing old with simplicity, the benefits of tea, ecologically sound hiking, avoiding giving children toxic toys, interview: living and working in an off-grid tire house
Natural Life, September/October 2007 Ask Natural Life: how green is my diet?, the problem with engine idling, the magic of mindfulness, culinary and health benefits of garlic, using the precautionary principle for wellness, questions to ask before your travel, an affordable carbon-neutral house, green home renovations, interview with a cosleeping expert, full life cycle extended product responsibility
Natural Life, July/August 2007 Our interdependent relationship with trees, counting food miles, eco-chic fashion, Ask Natural Life: is wind power safe for birds?, plant a downspout bog garden, growing and using rosemary, tree climbing as a sport, backyard tree planting with kids, interview with an urban cob builder and unschooling mother
Natural Life, May/June 2007 In praise of small houses for a green planet, cob house, Ask Natural Life: CFLs, planning a green vacation, sustainable action/extreme sports, public fruit crops and community food, teaching children to garden, micro-credit for African women, cell phones, interview with organic grower Janet Wallace
Natural Life, March/April 2007 Building with cob, Ask Natural Life: bottled water, conserving water at home, greening the grocers, buying green computers, composting how-to, building a composter, greening the Easter Bunny, interview with author and environmentalist Guy Dauncey, zero-waste business events
Natural Life, January/February 2007 Ask Natural Life: cardboard wine containers, sustainable seafood, greening Valentine's Day, the benefits of grapes, natural guide to intestinal health, homeschooling families work together to help Africans, why it's wrong to label children with learning disabilities, interview with a straw bale builder
Natural Life, November/December 2006 30th anniversary features, interview with Natural Life's publisher, college teaches sustainability by doing, living simply in the city, a Buy-Nothing Christmas, building a straw bale home, turkey-free celebrations, turning around the asthma epidemic
Natural Life, September/October 2006 Why and how to eat raw foods, the benefits of altruism, building green a green urban neighborhood, Ask Natural Life: ethanol, gardening to attract pollinators, organic weed control, vertical gardens for healthy environments, eco-friendly musical instruments
Natural Life, July/August 2006 Ask Natural Life: the dangers of fabric softeners, dangers of antidepressant drugs, menopause and self-knowledge, school nutrition, eating locally, edible flowers, designing green buildings, zero-energy homes, green roofs, companion planting
Natural Life, May/June 2006 Ask Natural Life: the dangerous ingredients in body care products, music as medicine, sustainable seafood, living in the moment, enviro-friendly and healthy house cleaning, interview with eco-architects, organic growing in very small spaces, creating a modern eco-hood
Natural Life, March/April 2006 ADHD and the environment, Earth Day feature: refusing and reusing, hemp for houses, feeding pets raw food, how religions are dealing with enviro issues, creating healthy environments for children, contradictions in how we treat animals, the Eden Project, green by design
Natural Life, January/February 2006 Baby massage, reflexology, Ask Natural Life: dangers of antibacterial soap, making and keeping eco-resolutions, renovating your home naturally, organic garden planning, back to Nature in Portland Oregon, starting to look back at Natural Life's 30-year legacy
Natural Life, November/December 2005 How to simplify the Christmas holidays, organic wine and beer, Ask Natural Life: carbon offsets, plants at work, the new nomads: green and mobile living, worm composting, eco-travel by bike through the heart of Europe, Quayside cohousing project
Natural Life, September/October 2005 Home water purification, prepare your garden for winter - and stay healthy, the value of eating raw seeds, learning from a Spanish farmer who traded his tractor for a mule, people- and planet-friendly housing, progressive end-of-life solutions
Natural Life, July/August 2005 Ask Natural Life: local versus organic food, feature: healthy and green summer vacations, Cree Village eco lodge, award-winning North American green buildings, investing in clean energy, good news about green living trends
Natural Life, May/June 2005 Value of natural play, Ask Natural Life: microwave ovens, growing and using melons, making green lifestyle changes, PlantWatch is citizen science for all ages, Richard Louv: the criminalization of natural play, recycling fun with junkyard sports
Natural Life, March/April 2005 Green kitchen renovation, the benefits of laughter yoga, knitting for a change, learning meditation, keeping your pet healthy naturally, history of Earth Day, dolphins being polluted to death, greening the hotel industry, living fully in the present
Natural Life, January/February 2005 Ask Natural Life: dangers and benefits of soy foods, beat the flu by boosting your immune system, planning your organic garden, why and how to save your own seeds, in praise of imperfection, Cuba's organic revolution, legislating corporate responsibility
Natural Life, November/December 2004 Understanding eco logos and certification programs, simplifying the Christmas traditions, helping kids understand gift giving, the benefits of honey, greening a bathroom renovation, renewable energy comes to the city, good news about sustainable living
Natural Life, September/October 2004 Benefits and myths about goldenrod, the balance of traditional Chinese medicine, treehouses have grown up, prairie town goes sustainable, sustainable cohousing, art for the environment, celebrating peace, helping kids interact with Nature, Raging Grannies
Natural Life, July/August 2004 Dressing the world organically, indigenous people using renewable energy, replanting trees to offset paper use, simple and environmentally sound summertime, tofu barbeque treats, Built Green Idea Home, sustainable wildlife rehab center
Natural Life, May/June 2004 Dressing yourself in organic fibers, dangers of x-rays, health secrets of native Hawaiians, environmentally-friendly spas, having a pesticide-free lawn, create a native plant landscape, sustainable housing for the homeless, childhood obesity
Natural Life, March/April 2004 Building an off-grid post and beam straw bale home, how alternative becomes conventional, sustainable harvesting of wild medicinal plants, survey of the state of green vehicles, gardening that lures beneficial insects, getting a good night's sleep
Natural Life, January/February 2004 Adding green messages to films and television shows, kids and Nature, certifying sustainable wood products, planting a garden of healing herbs, clothing that raids the junkyard, understanding macrobiotics, improving toddlers' diets
Natural Life, November/December 2003 Exercising for immunity, a healthy and green house in Calgary's cold climate, embracing simple living, putting our money where our principles are = LOHAS, keeping the heat indoors, celebrating winter solstice, the complex life of a hamburger
Natural Life, September/October 2003 Flax nutrition and quality, mulches and cover crops for your organic garden, green small businesses, recipes for enjoying the pumpkin harvest, never too late to be fit, green guide to cleaning products, solar panels for flat roofs, keeping kids out of hospitals
Natural Life, July/August 2003 Living well and living deeply, watermelon recipes, green is the hot color in construction, barbequing vegetarian style, talking to a daughter about the nature of life and learning, hydrogen buses on the road, lowering blood pressure without medication
Natural Life, May/June 2003 Illness and the search for meaning, talking to children about war, building a family and creating the future, communal food strategies, recipes for communal cooking, fung shui your way to a simpler and greener home, fair trade: shopping with a conscience
Natural Life, March/April 2003 Eating the weeds as well as the veggies, iridology: health in your eye, green summer power options include electric boats, beans in the garden and the kitchen, learning from Asian simplicity, green living an urban condominium, pesticides and Parkinson's
Natural Life, January/February 2003 Recycling computers, healthy air inside your home, talk cafes: think globally and talk locally, Jane Goodall: learning in the wild, sustainable Seattle home, recognizing and dealing with mold in your home, grow more vegetables in less space, David Suzuki's Nature Challenge, avoiding trans fats
Natural Life, November/December 2002 Treating autoimmune diseases, designing a right livelihood, detoxification for better health, Bioneers: making a difference, red hats and purple dresses: having fun as an "older woman", alleviating arthritis pain, eco news from around the world, the personal and eco safety of cell phones
Natural Life, September/October 2002 Perfumes: spraying yourself with toxic chemicals is not sexy, the growing green roofs movement, closing the loop on waste wood, the health benefits of soy, the dangers of noise pollution, hemp-powered motorcycle, benefits of green tea, environment news from around the world
Natural Life, July/August 2002 Taming the power of possessions, WHO creates alternative health strategy, high fiber vegan diet fights prostrate cancer, relative risk of organic produce, the wonders of castor oil, native plant gardening: work with Nature not against it, zucchini recipes, helping your kids lose mental learning blocks
Natural Life, May/June 2002 Fight global warming for $1 a day with solar panels, Vitamin K for bone health, is humane meat an oxymoron?, have a green family summer, is an overabundance of male trees making us allergic?, sun damage protection from the inside out, drug-free help for allergies, healthy summer recipes, sustainable seafood
Natural Life, March/April 2002 The romance (and health) of beeswax candles, wellness through journaling, minerals make the menopause difference, dying to lose weight, using our natural emotional healing power, growing organic tomatoes, phasing out treated wood, helping children cope with stress, international eco news
Natural Life, January/February 2002 Blueberries can improve your memory, soothe your sweet tooth with stevia, building consensus with emotional acceptance, retrofit your home and save money and energy, protect your eyes from age-related diseases with nutrition, the benefits of flax, helping kids deal with war and trauma, healthy bones the wise woman way, Japanese cooking comes home
Natural Life, November/December 2001 Creating your sacred home, Mad Cow disease, hemp oil is healthy, US bans hemp foods, tree planting in response to terrorist attacks, herbs for immunity, finding light in the darkness of terror, children's playground equipment and arsenic risk, healthy holiday baking, studying labels for GE foods
Natural Life, September/October 2001 Herbs for women's health, choosing healthy cookware, building a better food system, the healing power of dolphins, choosing healthy bedding, homeopathy for a polluted world, genetically engineered fish, cleaning up the cruise ship industry, energy healing
Natural Life, July/August 2001 Putting ethics into action, natural treatment for learning disabilities, healthy and environmentally safe cleaners, new concerns about sewage sludge disposal, natural healing: synchronicity and intuition, environmentally-based economic indicators, cranial misalignment in children with special needs
Natural Life, May/June 2001 Pesticides in schools, mercury and nervous system damage, using energy more efficiently at home, GE fish protests, protecting Pacific Northwest rainforests, managing household pests naturally, solar hot water heating, emotional acupressure, farmer loses to Monsanto over GE seeds, Fair Trade, Natural Life Festival
Natural Life, March/April 2001 Basil: King of the Herbs, get your lawn off pesticides, what's in commercial pet food?, tuning in to your inner wisdom, paraffin candles are a health hazard, improve your soil's pH, genetic engineering news, if you eat meat you may be taking antibiotics, breastfeeding saves lives and money

First issue of Natural Life, 1976


Natural Life Magazine celebrated 40 years of publishing in 2016. Here is a look back to Natural Life's roots and some of the early issues. Pictured here is the first cover from the fall of 1976.


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