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Learning from Life: The Benefits of Community Engagement

Learning From Life
The Benefits of Community Engagement

How life learning families are volunteering their time, speaking up about important issues, being active in ways that will help their communities, and showing that children have a voice . . . while learning at the same time.

In our September/October 2014 issue, we wrote about community participation and life learning. In the November/December issue, we wrote about place-based education, which allows students to use their local communities as resources for learning by doing. And in the January/February 2015 issue, we tied those two concepts together.

In the following articles are some examples of how life learning families are involved in real-life work in their communities that is aimed at giving kids a voice, creating positive change, and acting on their social consciences. While academic learning is not the driving force behind these activities and projects, valuable learning of all types does, inevitably, take place.

We hope that you will enjoy and even be inspired by these stories that some of our readers have so enthusiastically shared.

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