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Natural Life Magazine's Green & Healthy Homes
by Wendy Priesnitz

Natural Life Magazine's Green & Healthy Homes

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About the Author: Wendy Priesnitz is the editor of Natural Life Magazine, which she co-founded with her husband Rolf in 1976. She is an award-winning journalist, a former broadcaster, and an author who has written nine other books. She and Rolf have two grown daughters and her work is rooted in her experience of motherhood, which turned her into an agent of change who recognizes the need for rethinking how we work, play, and educate ourselves in order to restore the planet’s social and ecological balance. For the last forty years, her mission has been to help people understand the interconnections within the web of life on Earth and to encourage them to challenge the assumptions inherent in the often conflicting choices we make in our daily lives. Visit her website.

Going green doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. But there is so much information available, that you might feel the need for a guide to cut through the spin and avoid the greenwash that accompanies the rhetoric associated with green living. This book is that guide.

By providing insight into some of the more common and/or controversial issues related to healthy, sustainable homes, it provides you with the tools that will help you live comfortably and mindfully, within your financial and ecological means, while having a minimal effect on the planet that houses us all. Like Natural Life Magazine, this book is about applying good old common sense, research, and skepticism (if it sounds too green to be true, it probably is!) to empower ourselves to create a better life for ourselves, our families, and the Earth.

Make your home greener and healthier, and save money too.

  • make your own inexpensive and non-toxic cleaning supplies

  • undertake a green and healthy home renovation

  • avoid dangerous household chemicals

  • convert your landscaping to native and natural

  • ensure a safe drinking water supply for your home

  • save energy with economical conservation strategies

  • retrofit your home with solar or wind power

  • avoid and clean up mold and other indoor air quality problems

  • put your family on a plastic avoidance path

  • utilize organic cotton and hemp textiles in your home

  • live a low-stress, low-carbon lifestyle

  • and many more tips for a greener, healthier home

This book is part of Natural Life Magazine's Green Living Series. It is based on Natural Life Magazine’s popular Ask Natural Life column. Natural Life Magazine, a natural family living magazine founded in 1976, is trusted by thinking people around the world who want positive, sustainable alternatives to high cost, high consumption lifestyles for themselves and their families.

ISBN 978-0-920118-16-0   $24.95 softcover, $14.95 e-book

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