This collection of articles can help you learn how to start and run your own micro business, based at home or elsewhere.

They are written by Wendy Priesnitz, whose business career began in 1974 as a craftsperson. She later became a freelance writer, micro-business owner, and social entrepreneur. For most of her life, she has worked from a home office.

In 1976, she became co-owner, with her husband, of The Alternate Press (later to become known as Life Media), which publishes Natural Life Magazine and Life Learning MagazineNatural Child Magazine, and Child's Play Magazine, as well as books and a number of websites.

In the 1980s, Wendy championed women-owned businesses, home-based micro-businesses, and entrepreneurship by launching the Home Business Network, speaking at conferences, writing how-to articles, presenting workshops, and participating on national committees to legitimize and legalize home business at the municipal level.  She has taught small business courses to low-income women through a non-profit community economic development organization, wrote the book Bringing It Home - A Home Business Start-up Guide for You and Your Family (now out of print), wrote a weekly small business newspaper column for ten years, hosted a "small business minute" radio show and a television show featuring small businesses, and mentored women business owners.

The following are a few of the how-to articles that she has written on the subjects of home-based, micro, and green business, as well as what has now come to be called "unjobbing." You will find more articles on these topics here.
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