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Writers' Guidelines

Here are guidelines for those considering contributing an article to Natural Life. Please read them carefully prior to contacting us.

Who We Are

Natural Life is a forum for the sharing of information among readers interested in eco-friendly, healthy living for themselves and their families. It began as a print magazine in 1976 and transitioned to a website in 2014.

What We Publish

Most of our articles – even ones that primarily discuss problems and issues – contain a strong how-to component with information that will help readers apply green living principles and practices to their daily lives. They also focus on empowering readers to think for themselves, to make and trust their own decisions, and to get involved in making positive change in their own communities.

We are looking for articles written by people who are involved with and have first-hand knowledge of their topics. Knowing your topic is more important than being a great writer; we can help you with the "how" if you know the "what."

Most of Natural Life Magazine's readers are quite knowledgeable about green and healthy living issues, so articles should not be presented at a basic or "entry" level. We are looking for in-depth coverage of topics that aren't covered in other magazines or media, and for a new perspective on green living, social change, and wellness topics.

We have readers across the United States, in Canada, Australia, and the UK, and in many other English-speaking countries around the world, so articles should be written accordingly. 

What We're Looking For (and not)

We do not publish articles designed to promote products, organizations, or businesses (or with embedded links to commercial websites).

We like personal experience and how-to articles that are positive and solutions-oriented about green living, minimalism, sustainable housing, wellness, organic gardening, non-coercive parenting, and democratic education, as well as interviews with and profiles of people (known and unknown) who are making a difference in these areas.

We occasionally accept well-researched articles on natural health, but not about natural health products. If you propose an article on this topic, please be prepared to back it up with solid research. We and our readers are skeptics about everything from Big Pharma to alternative therapies, with our trust leaning towards the latter.

If you are considering submitting an eco-travel article, please note that we do not encourage air travel and do not promote commercial properties in our articles.

From the education perspective, we are especially looking for real-life personal experiences of people who have learned without conventional schooling – either academic subjects or life skills – as well as articles about democratic schools and progressive education. (We also publish Life Learning, which is devoted entirely to non-coercive, self-directed learning, so you might want to submit there instead.)

From the natural parenting perspective, please note that we are pro-breastfeeding and adhere to the World HeaIth Organization's International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. (We also publish Natural Child, which is devoted entirely to natural parenting, so you might want to submit there instead.)

Gardening, farming, and landscaping articles must focus on small scale, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, or other natural methods and not employ agricultural chemicals or polluting machinery.

Food-related articles, including recipes, should not contain unhealthy ingredients. They should avoid references to specific products, brands, and companies. We don't favor one type of diet over another, but do promote organic, locally sourced, and home-grown food. Any health claims made must be backed up with evidence of unbiased research.

We do not publish regular columns on any topic.

Remuneration and Copyright

We are not able to pay contributors.

Articles are accepted for publication on this website and in our annual digital compilations, and as part of third-party versions licensed by libraries and researchers. Writers retain all other rights to their work, and are therefore free to contribute their articles to other magazines or websites without our permission, and to publish them on their own blog or website. 

How to Query Us

If you have read and agree to these guidelines, and when you have a specific article idea that you think would be suitable for us, please send an outline of the proposed article. We would like to know how the article will benefit our readers, why the topic is timely, how it differs from other articles on the topic that we have published, and why you’re the appropriate writer to discuss the topic. Please identify your type of sources: if you’ll be writing from personal experience, interviewing primary sources, or researching the topic in books and on the Internet. 

We appreciate knowing if your article has been published elsewhere in the past, or if you have submitted it to other outlets recently. We also need to know if you have any business affiliation with any person, organization, or company mentioned in the article.

Prospective contributors are encouraged to read some articles by going to the website article index.

Submitting Your Article

Please spell-check (US spelling) and grammar-check, and remove fancy formatting from your article prior to sending it to us. We do not accept PDF submissions. Your article will be edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, space, and consistency with our editorial style. If major renovations are required, your article will be returned to you with suggestions for reworking so that it could be more appropriate for our audience.

We use gender-neutral language and accepted articles will be edited to reflect this policy. We reserve the right to edit or change your suggested title.


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