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Meet Some of Our Contributors

Tracy Aitken Tracy Aitken and her husband Jeff unschool their three boys in Spencer, North Carolina. Her articles Algebra for the Six-Year-Old and Trusting Little Minds with Big Subjects have been published by Life Learning Magazine.



David Albert David H. Albert is a homeschooling father, writer and speaker who lives in Olympia, Washington. He is the author of a number of books, including And the Skylark Sings with Me, Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery, Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow. Homeschooling and the Curriculum of Love, and What Really Matters (which contains some of his essays from Life Learning Magazine.) Some of his essays in Life Learning Magazine include The Tenth Intelligence, Workbooks, Socializing Remy, Parts is Parts, The Curriculum of Beauty, Acts of Enclosure, Healing Trauma and School Disease, The Average Giraffe, and Feinting With Damn Praise.



Robbie Anderman Robbie Anderman could never decide on a career. His father always told him “one must keep learning every day”... and so he does. Educated to play the piano and French horn, he moved over to the 5-holed Shakuhachi bamboo flute. He cares for his organic pear orchard and vegetable gardens, records flute and percussion CDs, promotes industrial hemp as a boon for the environment and the rural economy, shares an off-the-grid hilly rocky “farm” in Ontario, Canada, enjoys his grandchildren, and is learning the dance of life alongside his wife Christina. His article Natural Fields of Vision was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Rebecca Atherton Rebecca Atherton was raised on a horse farm by two teachers in Port Lavaca, Texas. As a child she would play school with her teddy bears: lecturing them, testing them, and even making report cards for them. It was while obtaining her degree in education that Rebecca decided she would educate her own children. Her philosophy of education was turned upside down as she observed how much children learn the basics from everyday things. She and her husband Rodney live and learn from their three children in Victoria, Texas. Her article Alphabet Soup was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Stephanie Bachmann Mattei Stephanie Bachmann Mattei is a certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where she earned her Bachelor in Languages and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. She moved to the USA in 1993, where she and her husband are parenting their three self-educated children. Stephanie's core intertwined themes in life are: spirituality, parenting and healing. Her article Rocking the Boat Without Drowning Everybody appeared in Life Learning Magazine.



Sidne Baglini Sidne Baglini worked in adult and child education in a previous life. She and husband Norm have three adult daughters, two who went to school and one who never did until she started college. Now, she and Norm are nurturing their sense of wonder with grandkids. Her article Living and Learning Science was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Katrin Bain

Katrin Bain is the author of the PocketRescue parenting booklet series. She guides parents to confidently parent from the inside out and offers them the tools to build strong relationships with their children. She lives in London with her husband and their two children. Her article Flexi Schooling was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Deb Baker Deb Baker learns alongside her husband and children in Concord, New Hampshire. Her poems and essays have appeared in journals and anthologies in Japan, Europe, and North America. She sings in the Songweavers a cappella women’s chorus, volunteers with a refugee resettlement program and blogs about her family’s reading. Her article The House That Heather Built was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Melony Beens Melony Beens is a Canadian military wife and mother to two boys. Her family has been life learning since the day their oldest was born. Melony spends her days supporting her two busy boys as they follow what excites them. Right now, this means fostering animals for a local animal rescue, setting up aquariums, and discovering the history of the automobile. She also leads a local naturalist club for home learners and has recently reconnected with her love for writing and hopes to do more of it as the boys begin to need her less. Her article Supporting the Battle was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Liadhan Bell Liadhan Bell passionately believes that nothing will stand in the way of the thirst for knowledge when the right seeds fall on fertile ground. She has seen this in her own life and those of her children. She knew from the age of seven that she was a writer and writing has been her passion ever since. She surprised most people who knew her when she had lots of babies instead of pursuing a ‘higher’ education. Her interest in children and how they grow has provided her with plenty to write about! She is fascinated by the creative process and the synergy created when a family live and learn together. Liadhan has seven children and four adult stepchildren. She and her husband Richard philosophize and write about life learning, nature play, their experiences parenting two deaf children, and their wobbly attempts at self-sufficiency. Her article Bicycles, Shoelaces, and ABCs was published in Life Learning Magazine



Léandre Bergeron Léandre Bergeron is a well-known French Canadian author and activist. He studied in France and taught literature at Concordia University in Montreal before moving to the Quebec countryside with his wife Francine to live a life of voluntary simplicity. His many works include the well-known Dictionnaire de la langue québecoise and the best-seller Petit Manuel d’histoire du Québec. He is a tireless champion for the underdog and has long advocated for educational, political, and social reform, including learning without school. His article For the Sake of Our Children, published in Life Learning Magazine, is an excerpt from his book of the same name, published by Life Learning Magazine’s publisher Life Media.



Blake Boles Blake Boles is an author, entrepreneur, and educator. He is the author of books that include Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree (Tells Peak Press, 2012). He travels widely and owns Unschool Adventures, a travel company for self-directed teens. His article Good Reasons to Skip College was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Jennifer Casey Jennifer Casey lives and works outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Brendan and their children, Ryan and Morgan. She spends her days working on the family’s rental cabin business, blogging, answering dozens of eager questions from her children, and dreaming of a day in which she is caught up on all of her ongoing household projects (currently numbering approximately 349). Her article Working Hard Like Peopleguys was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Gina Cassidy Gina Cassidy began her education after leaving graduate school. She rides her bike (most days) to her part-time composition teaching job at the local community college. Her most profound influences include John Taylor Gatto, Daniel Quinn, her partner Ken, and her four amazing children. She and her family are busy dreaming about (and working on) turning three acres of farm wasteland into a self-sufficient, permacultured homestead, integrating the natural world with the best of human accomplishments. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine include Visual Thinking Strategies, Who Owns English? Breaking the Usage Rules, Run Bus Car Broken, and Cherries in Winter.



Becca Challman Becca Challman firmly believes that the most important lessons she has ever learned was from experience. Those experiences have taught her that she would rather live to learn than live to earn, that there is more joy in helping a child discover her truest self than in making sure she attends school every day and that if there were no other reason to live, there would still be books. Becca and her creative genius husband Scott reside in the present, reject regimented education and embrace life learning, each other and their daughter Grace Lillianna. Her essay Reading With Grace was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Gaye Chicoine Gaye Chicoine is a photographer by trade, mom to six life-learning young adults and partner to husband Ed. She has authored two books, loves to travel and after 18 years of unschooling, still enjoys helping her children with their life directions and family business when it is requested of her. Gaye has published a book Living Dreams, the story about her family’s South American journey and the learning that resulted. Her Life Learning Magazine essay Prospering in the Real World is also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons From the Educational Frontier.



Amy Childs Amy Childs mentors homeschooling teens and their families around the country through workshops, classes, conference calls, and personal support. She also works as a "Happiness Consultant," helping clients uncover their true selves and create lives that are authentic and fun. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her own three self-directed young people who make her laugh all the time and who constantly remind her how precious and amazing human beings truly are. Her Life Learning Magazine article Birthing Our Selves, Our Children, and Our World was included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Leslie Clark Leslie Clark is a parenting coach and co-founder of a non-traditional private school. She is passionate about helping parents find out of the box schooling solutions for their children. She has been married for almost seventeen years to a wonderful man named Darren and they have two amazing kids. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education) and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. She taught in the public school system for almost ten years before making the leap to alternative education. Her articles The Winding Road to Educating My Kids and Summer of Discovery were published in Life Learning Magazine.



Robyn Coburn Robyn L. Coburn had to start calling herself an “unschooler,” despite her daughter’s young age, in self-defense against the numerous early academics pushers surrounding her in her neighborhood and local support group. In her past life Robyn has been a set, costume and lighting designer in the theater, and a production designer and set decorator in film. Her article The Big Questions was published in Life Learning Magazine. And her essay Unschooling is About Principles Not Rules was included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Marion Cohen Marion Cohen is a grandmother with four adult children. The two youngest learned at home for eight years and the family hosted a homeschooling support group in Philadelphia. Marion is a writer and math professor. Some of her published books are Dirty Details: The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse (Temple University Press), and its sequel Still the End: Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife (Unlimited Publishing). Her poetry books include Crossing the Equal Sign (Plain View Press), Truth and Beauty (WordTech Communications), Closer to Dying (WordTech Communications), What I'm Wearing Today (dancing girl press), Lights I Have Loved (Red Dashboard Press), Sizes Only Slightly Distinct (Green Fuse Press), Parables for a Rainy Day (Green Fuse Press), and most recently New Heights in Non-Structure (prose poems about learning - dancing girl press). Her article The Many Subtle Faces of Authority was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Michelle Conaway Michelle Conaway lives and learns with her supportive husband Stacy and their three children in the Houston, Texas area. She has many passions, one of which is experiencing this wonderful life journey with her family and friends. When she’s not writing or playing Minecraft with her kids, she works as a Master Gardener in her county, cooks, reads, gardens, and supports her kids in all the things they are interested in. She is passionate about the unschooling philosophy and loves supporting others on their journey to life learning. She founded the Texas Unschoolers Yahoo and Facebook page, as well as the Katy/West Houston Unschoolers Facebook group. Her essay Whispers was published by Life Learning Magazine.



Danielle Conger Danielle Conger is a freelance writer who has a PhD only because she didn’t want to stop learning. She says her three wonderful children Julia, Emily, and Sam have taught her how unnecessary school is for learning and for thinking great thoughts. The family has enjoyed a busy unschooling lifestyle outside of Washington, D.C. with dad Jim, a puppy, chickens, and lots of wonderful wildlife. Her essays for Life Learning Magazine include Rules vs. Principles and An Unschooling Landscape.



Laurie A Couture Laurie A Couture is the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended, a licensed mental health counselor, writer, artist, photographer, and voracious reader of attachment parenting and unschool theory who is passionate about human rights and Nature and writes and speaks about children’s human rights issues. She has written a series of articles for Life Learning about unschooling her adopted son as a single mother, beginning with Freeing Brycen (Jan/Feb 2006); Attachment Parenting Our Adolescent Life Learning Children was published in 2011.



Mary Curley Pauline Mary Curley is an Irish unschooling mom, lucky enough to divide her time between the West of Ireland and New Jersey. In a previous life in Europe (pre-children), she worked as a structural engineer, a trade union representative and an adult literacy and numeracy teacher, and co-founded a Women’s Center in Luton, England. She offers “All About Ireland” library programs and homeschool workshops, and one of her dreams is to encourage North American life learning families to visit and explore Ireland. Two of her essays for Life Learning Magazine are Eye Opener: Changing my perspective on the importance of reading and Passionate (About Unschooling) in New Jersey, a profile of veteran life learning advocate Nancy Plent.



Norma Curry Norma Curry has pursued her own self-directed path most of her life, first choosing to earn a degree in writing, then trying on many different career hats: from teacher to astrologer, to clothing designer, to journalist, to bed and breakfast owner, to homeopathic practitioner, and - when this article was published - wholehearted cheerleader and support person for her very self-determined 15-year-old figure skating daughter. Norma founded CATCH, an inclusive non-directed community-based home education support group in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her article The Dinner Party was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Freya Dawson Freya Dawson is the mother of two home-educated boys, ages 15 and 11 in 2016. Before she had children, she spent fifteen years as a university lecturer in Law. Her life was turned upside down when she faced the intense challenges of raising two highly spirited children. She found a willingness to explore her own inner world and applied her skills in research to finding a peaceful way to live with her children. She has developed an approach to communication and problem solving that make conventional parenting tools such as punishments and rewards completely unnecessary. She has authored the book Joyful Parenting: The five skills to take your family from Conflict to Connection. Life Learning Magazine published her article Deep Learning.



Theresa DeMario Theresa DeMario is the author of the book Science Experiments: Homeschool Style. She enjoys a professional writing career and a life surrounded by her family of life learners. Life can get hectic when everyone stays home, but for Theresa and her family, there was never really any other choice that made sense. Life Learning Magazine published her article What About Socialization? Learning the Rules and Roles of Society.



Gea Bassett Gea D'Marea Bassett lives in Seattle with her partner Doug and their son Zizi. She was unschooled from birth until college and has an MA in Education from Goddard College. Her thesis was on contemporary homeschoolers in the Seattle area. Aside from traveling, cooking, and wearing flip-flops, her current projects include pursuing a doctorate in Education and unschooling, establishing a haven of exotic edible plants in her backyard, and continuing to practice life learning with her family. Her contributions to Life Learning Magazine include Free School or No School and Self Reliance in Life and in Learning, which was included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Idzie Desmarais Idzie Desmarais is an unschooler, cook, writer, and anarcha-feminist. She likes to spend her time making tasty food, reading fantasy novels, blogging about unschooling, and going on road trips with friends. She dreams of someday living in the woods with friends and family, growing tons of tasty food, and writing books. She lives in Montreal with her parents, sister, kitties, and a big shaggy dog. Among her articles for Life Learning Magazine are The Necessity of Shakespeare and When You Unschool, You Don't Unparticipate. An interview with her was published in 2014.



Linda Dobson Linda Dobson's family started homeschooling in 1985. Since then, she has coordinated support groups, provided keynote addresses and advocacy, written dozens of articles, and authored eight books, including the classic The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child, The Homeschooling Book of Answers, Homeschoolers' Success Stories,  The Art of Education, and Homeschooling the Early Years. She continues offering news, information, and resources via her website Parent at the Helm. Her article Short But Sweet: Homeschooling’s Lasting Effect was published in Life Learning Magazine. She now runs the Parent at the Helm website.



Tirzah Duncan Tirzah Duncan, aged nineteen when she contributed to Life Learning Magazine, is a thoroughly unschooled fantasy writer. She spent her childhood dashing after whatever fascinated her, which mostly consisted of online games, books, Scotland, business, and martial arts. Then she fixed upon writing, and has been working to make a career of it ever since. Her article Secondary was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Deborah Dyson Deborah Dyson is the mother of six children. She lives and learns in Evanston, Illinois and any other place that she happens to visit. All six children have been unschooled from the start and that has been her life work and passion. From the beginning, she was determined to learn with them and that is what the family has done. She believes that no one is always the student or always the teacher; learning is, instead, an organic process in which we all participate and thrive. Her article When Unschooled Kids Grow Up was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko lives, works and hikes in Hamilton, Ontario. For seven years, she and her family (including three unschooled daughters) produced Radio Free School, a show by for and about homelearners and authored a book called Natural Born Learners. Her Life Learning Magazine essay Learning Love of the Natural World also appears in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Lehla Eldridge-Rogers Lehla Eldridge-Rogers is an illustrator and an author of books. But prior to that she was an actress. She wrote The South African Illustrated Cookbook, The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women and she illustrated a kid’s book by M.J. Amani called Excuse Me, I’m Trying to Read. Above all, she is a mother to three fast growing kids, and she juggles her time between them and working on new books and projects. She has written an unschooling book Jump, Fall, Fly. Her article Unschooling Success: TED Talks, Young Geniuses, Overwhelm, and Extreme Admiration was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Valerie Fitzenreiter Valerie Fitzenreiter is a radical unschooling/attachment parenting mother and the author of the book The Unprocessed Child: Living without School. Her unschooled daughter Laurie, who is the subject of the book, is now an adult. Valerie's article The Unprocessed Child Goes to College was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Angela Fitzgerald Angela Fitzgerald is a homelearning mom in British Columbia. In addition to living and learning alongside her husband and two daughters, Angela has been supporting homelearning families as a Learning Consultant since 2004. Previously a public school teacher, having children of her own changed Angela’s perspective around optimal learning environments and relationships for children. With the birth of her first child in 1999, Angela began an intensive hands-on ‘training’ with a developing realization that all learning is relative to the development of peaceful and healthy human relations. Her article On Socialization appeared in Life Learning Magazine.



Jan Fortune Wood Jan Fortune-Wood lives and works in the UK as a novelist, poet, and editor with independence as a recurring motif in her thinking. She unschooled her four independent children (now independent young people); did a PhD in feminist theology at a time when it was an emerging mode of thought; runs independent creative writing courses; and has moved through major institutions to work towards her own independence, including running an independent press. She has published books on home education and parenting, focussing on living with children in ways that respect their autonomy, as well as novels and poetry collections. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine include Herding Cats?, Beyond Common Sense Parenting, Never Too Late to Learn to Read, Spinoffs, Not Outcomes, Living by Consent, Children Are Only Human, What You See May Not Be What You Get, and In the Meantime.



M.H. Furgason M.H. Furgason is a life long unschooler despite 13 years of government education. She is the founder of Houston Unschoolers Group. She lives in Houston, Texas with her four children and husband. Her article Acquiring Reading was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Susan Gaissert Susan Gaissert lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter. She is currently working on the book she feels born to write: a memoir of her mother's family and growing up in the 1960s. Susan is passionate about life learning, books, crocheting, walking, and New York City, which is her favorite place to take a walk. Her article College Stories was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Rachel Gathercole Rachel Gathercole is a freelance writer and the proud mother of two delightfully autodidactic children. She is utterly fascinated with children and motherhood, and can’t help looking on in awe at the incredible, inscrutable learning process that daily unfolds before her eyes. She is the author of the book The Well-Adjusted Child. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine include Zen and the Art of Unschooling Math, Happytown, Doing Their Best, Naturally, and Of Swimming and Schooling.



Enrico Gnaulati Enrico Gnaulati is a psychologist in Pasadena, California. In his book, Emotion-Regulating Play Therapy with ADHD Children: Staying with Playing, he is critical of medical approaches to the sort of behavior that gets labeled ADHD in children. Instead, he views ADHD phenomenon as rooted in children’s difficulties containing and expressing intense emotion, and he offers a model of active play therapy to healthfully intervene. In his forthcoming book, Back to Normal: Common-Sense Explanations for Kids’ ADHD, Bi-polar, and Autistic-Like Behavior, he strives to lay out the normal human meanings, motives, and developmental glitches behind kids’ troubled and troubling behavior. His article for Life Learning Magazine is entitled Mental Disorders or Ancient Traits that Have Helped Kids Adapt for Generations.



Dan Grego Daniel Grego is the Executive Director of TransCenter for Youth, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of his major interests is exploring the confluence of the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, Ivan Illich and Wendell Berry. He lives with his wife Debra Loewen, the Artistic Director of Wild Space Dance Company and their daughter Caitlin Grego on a small farm in the Rock River watershed in Dodge County, Wisconsin. He has written a series of three essays for Life Learning Magazine: The Educator's Secret and Modern Stupidity, The Educator's Folly and the Shadow of the Future, and The Educator’s Dilemma and the Two Big Lies, which also appears in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Mette-Guillaume Mette Guillaume, along with her French husband Eric, and their two children – Freya and Silas – lives in Denmark after spending ten years in France and around the world. In addition to living and learning with her family, Mette is working on a book and a website about sustainable consumption and living on less. She was interviewed in Life Learning Magazine and then wrote this follow-up Choices.



Debbie Harbeson Debbie Harbeson lives and laughs with her family in Indiana. She planned on offering her book Okay Kids, Time For Bedlam for a fee, but a renegade letter “r” on her keyboard has forever doomed her to offering it up for free. An excerpt entitled The Cardboard Box Theory was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Lill Hawkins Lill Hawkins began unschooling shortly after the sudden death of her eleven-year-old son. He had hated school and being away from home, as did his older brother and younger sister. Lill realized that making children spend time in a place that makes them miserable is no way to raise happy, healthy kids. Because she is a writer, she began to put down on paper the – mostly – humorous aspects of being secular unschoolers in a small town in rural Maine. After her daughter began working on a degree in Wildlife Biology and Sustainable Agriculture and her son an Art degree, she published a series of three humorous books: Funny You Should Ask, Humor Me, and Seriously? Her article Life Without a Field Guide was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Charles Hayes Charles D. Hayes is an Alaska resident, now in his eighth decade of life. He has written five non-fiction books on the subject of self-education and a novel. Learn about them at Autodidactic Press. His articles for Life Learning Magazine include 52 Ways to Celebrate Self-University Week and Teacher Inspire Thyself.



Jennifer Head Jenn Head is a recovering academic who has since embarked on a magnificent life learning adventure with her young son. When not traveling, they are happily homesteading on the Southern Oregon Coast. She hopes to inspire and empower families to live more joyfully, sustainably, and simply by requiring less and forming deeper connections with their children as well as the Earth. Jenn is currently learning to build sustainable houses from earth alongside her son and will soon be further exploring her interests in Permaculture design and practice. Among her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Natural Learning: Seeing the Forest Despite the Trees and When Our Path to Life Learning: A Personal Evolution From Montessori to Unschooling.



Paul Henderson Paul Henderson is a home educating parent living and working in Scotland. He resigned from teaching physics in 1994 after coming to the conclusion that learning ought to be experienced in a convivial, voluntary, and non-coercive environment. He has spent most of his working life performing music and teaching the guitar to students from beginners to honors degree level in primary, secondary, and tertiary formal learning establishments. His articles for Life Learning Magazine include The Learning Sweet Spot and How to Find It, What is Successful Learning, and a review of Ken Robinson's book Creative Schools.



Anne Hodge Anne Hodge lives in New York State with her husband and three children. She has been a support group organizer, workshop facilitator, speaker, and writer on local and state levels but is really just a mom having fun learning about the world with her kids. Her articles in Life Learning Magazine include Out of the Box and Into the Carton? A Challenge to Categorizing Learning and Circles of Learning.



Kelly Hogaboom Kelly Hogaboom is a writer, tailor, wife, and mother living in a semi-urban little green coastal smudge of Washington state. She cooks, raises kids, cats, and chickens, and spends her days joyfully living. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine include Over-involved Parents?; The Conversation That Never Happens, Here Goes the Neighborhood, Reasons to Attend an Unschooling Conference, Putting Children in their Place, and Deschooling: Not an All or Nothing Experience.



Erin Hughey-Commers Erin Hughey-Commers was unschooled through high school in rural Virginia. She then attended Piedmont Virginia Community College, where she was selected as Student of the Year and named the Virginia Centennial Scholar for being the top Virginia Community College student in 2001. Erin graduated from the great books program at St. John’s College in Annapolis in 2005, and has since earned a Master’s in Education from the Curry School at the University of Virginia. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and writing. Her article Homeschool Prom and Other Oxymorons was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Valerie Jocums Valerie Jocums, after many years of working in small business, is now exploring her interests and passions through life learning. She loves the sun, her Australian Shepherd dog, and her husband. When she isn’t mountain biking, practicing her public speaking skills, or reading, she is writing about everything she has learned. Her article Discovering the Importance of Life Learning as an Adult was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Melissa Johnson Melissa Johnson began homeschooling her daughters when they were small, using Waldorf homeschooling materials. After a few battles of will, she noticed that if she left items out from “lessons,” they would use them as long as they were interested. A couple of friends told her about unschooling and they were on their way. Since then, they have also discovered and tried A local Sudbury School but both children have chosen to come back to the unschooling way of life. Melissa enjoys helping others understand curiosity-driven learning. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Goucher College and has been married to her husband David for 21 years. Her article Immersion Education: Life Learning on a Horse Farm was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Rachel Johnson Rachel Johnson writes poetry, children’s stories, and narratives. She also teaches English as a second language, tutors online, and unschools her two daughters. She loves to read, explore Nature, and train for marathons. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Choosing to Participate and Beyond Academics. She also co-wrote Free-Range Learning: A Dialogue? for this website.



Sage Justice Sage Justice is a minimalist with two storage spaces: a complicated woman of nuanced contradictions. She is in her third decade of marriage with her BFF. When not being a beach bum living and traveling in a broken down, old RV, she’s probably fighting the good fight for patients' rights. She and her child live with a rare life-threatening genetic disorder: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and its gang of disabling comorbidity hoodlums. She spends most of her time managing their health and homeschooling through life learning principles. Read her articles When Your Child Proves You Wrong and The Over-Scheduled Family.



Amy Kagey Amy Kagey is a life learning mom in Toledo, Ohio who enjoys experiencing life and learning alongside her kids. Her article Learning With Dinosaurs was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Lara Kehler Lara Kehler is a self-described “grown up Homeschooler.” Her EZine featuring the work (poetry, stories, ideas, art and more) of self-directed learners was launched just as this article was being published in Life Learning Magazine's first issue in early 2002. She is now a mother as well as a designer, artist, and independent game developer based in Vancouver B.C. Read her article Full Circle in Life Learning Magazine.



Luminara King Luminara King is an educational activist, creative learning mentor, youth “life path” coach, artist, writer, and mother of two children who choose to not go to school. As teacher, she witnessed how children’s creativity and individual talents were ignored and their love of learning corroded. Inspired by thinkers such as Sir Ken Robinson, John Holt, John Taylor Gatto, and A.S. Neill, she is passionate in her role as an advocate for the transformation of the current education system of “One Size Fits All.” Her article Raising Children in a Digital Age was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Peter Kowalke Peter Kowalke grew without schooling and now he is a journalist and the producer of “Grown Without Schooling,” a documentary about grown homeschoolers and the lasting influence of home education. His Life Learning Magazine column Grown Without Schooling featured interviews with many grown unschoolers, including Ilana Ofgang, Patrick Meehan, Laura Brion, Selina Hunt, Sarabeth Matilsky, Brian Walton, and Zoe Blowen-Ledoux.



Rue Kream Rue Kream is living happily ever after with Jon, Dagny, and Rowan in Southeastern Massachusetts. She is a passionate advocate of unschooling and respectful parenting. Her articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including Educational Freedom Press Newsletter and Pandora’s Box Magazine. She is the author of the book Parenting A Free Child: An Unschooled Life. Her article of the same name was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Jasmine Lamb Jasmine Lamb homeschooled and attended numerous alternative schools while growing up. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Vermont College. Besides reading and talking, her favorite way to spend her time is at the movies. When she wrote the article Reading the Peach for Life Learning Magazine, she was working at Vermont College as an admissions counselor and was a full-time Master’s student studying poetry and literature.



Jenny Lantz Jenny Lantz is a life learning, knitting, crocheting, reading, gardening, homemaking feminist activist, and mother of three living in the Baltic Sea archipelago. She keeps busy reading and learning new stuff with her boys, cooking, running the family business, volunteering at her local second-hand shop, and finding out what else can be made instead of bought to keep her ecological footprint as small as she can. Her article Unschooling and Changing the World was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Pam Laricchia Pam Laricchia and her family live and learn joyfully in Ontario, Canada. She loves seeing her kids living with such intention. Choosing the best path for themselves from the rich palate of life gives them so many opportunities to learn about themselves: "It's not always easy, but it is incredible." Her articles written for Life Learning Magazine include Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Video Games, I Can Read, You Know, and Choices. The article Whose Goal is it Anyway? was also published our book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier. She has authored a number of books, including Free to Learn, and hosts a podcast about unschooling.



Marty Layne Marty Layne has four adult children who learned at home from k-12. She wouldn’t trade the years they spent playing in the park, at the beach, in the backyard, or in the house for anything. She wrote a book to answer people’s questions about why she chose homeschooling and started her own publishing company to publish Learning At Home: A Mother’s Guide To Homeschooling. She has also recorded a children’s music CD. Among her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Time to Learn: Conversations with Adults Who Learned at Home and Play is Self-Directed Learning, which is included in our book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Ann Leadbetter Ann Leadbetter homeschooled her daughters with her husband Gig in Grand Junction Colorado. Her articles have also appeared in Home Education Magazine and GWS. Her articles published in Life Learning Magazine include Curriculum Schmiculum: Kate and Molly Have Doubts, An Unschooler in High School, and Kate and Molly Go To College.



Denise Leduc Denise Leduc is a writer who homeschooled her two daughters for 15 years using a unschooling/life learning approach. With her children now grown, she continues her own studies online while writing and traveling Canada for her husband's work. She is currently working on a book based on her experiences and reflections on homeschooling. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are A History Lesson on the Bus and Reading Late.



Lainie Liberti Lainie Liberti is a recovering branding expert, whose 18-year career once focused on creating campaigns for green/eco/conscious business and non-profits. In 2008, California’s economy took a turn and she decided to “be the change” instead of a victim. She and her then nine-year-old son Miro began the process of redesigning their lives, with the dream of spending stress-free quality time together. After closing her business, and getting rid of their possessions, the pair hit the road for a permanent adventure in mid-2009. They continue to travel around the globe, learning naturally. Her article Avoiding Teen Rebellion was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Ann Lloyd Ann Lloyd is a homeschooling veteran and the author of two books: Just 'Til I Finish This Chapter and Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling Survival. She has completed doctoral studies in Housing/Family Studies at VA Tech. Her work has been published in a number of homeschooling magazines. Her articles published in Life Learning Magazine include For the Love of Reading and two that were written with her two life learning teens: In the Blink of an Eye and Walking a Tightrope.



Janet LoSole Janet LoSole is a freelance writer living in Ontario, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree (French) and is a certified TESOL instructor. Before her career as a parent-educator, Janet taught French at the elementary level and has taught ESL internationally since 1994. World travel is the primary curriculum resource for her two homeschooled daughters. A staunch advocate of community-based tourism, Janet has made numerous presentations on the concept to community groups, encouraging people to eschew corporate package tours in favor of supporting local family-owned businesses. She writes about homeschooling and travelling. Her article Whatever We Want was published by Life Learning Magazine.



Claire Madgwick Claire Madgwick, her husband, and two home educated children live in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been home educating for eight years; her oldest left school at seven and her youngest has never been to school. Claire's article The Importance of Context appeared in Life Learning Magazine.



Susie Maguire Susie Maguire is a momma first and a traveller, writer, speaker, coach, and workshop leader second. Her motto is “make more love” and she seeks to do that in every aspect of her life - from raising her son to follow his heart with love-based learning, to working with businesses, and most recently through her work with women as a one-to-one and group coach, leader of the Wild Rumpus dance gathering, creator of the Mother Nurture sessions, workshops, and weekend retreats. She believes that the most beautiful and amazing thing she has ever, or will ever do, is to love and live alongside the beautiful being who calls her mummy. Her article How Unschooling My Son Also Changed Me was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Suaznne Malakoff Suzanne Malakoff and her husband have raised three incredible kids who always learned at home in their community in the Pacific Northwest. She works as a communications specialist for a non-profit research and advocacy group focused on a clean energy future. She enjoys writing, gardening, spending time with her kids and animals, and getting outside whatever the weather. She has published several articles and essays on a variety of topics that include natural learning and parenting and is currently working on pieces of fiction. Among her many essays for Life Learning are Teachable Moments, Seeking Peace, Unlearning Literary Analysis, Filling in the Dots: What An Unschooling Family Learned From Tests, and Making Peace With War Birds.



Dayna Martin Dayna Martin lives with her “radical unschooling” family in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Dayna founded the group Radical Unschoolers New England and enjoys supporting others as they walk the unschooling labyrinth. Her article The Unschooling Labyrinth was published in Life Learning Magazine and also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Sarabeth Matilsky Sarabeth Matilsky is forever indebted to her parents for giving her a free childhood. Her adventures have taken her many places, including on a cross-country bike ride where she met her True Love, Jeff. Sarabeth and Jeff live in a cohousing community in upstate NY, with their two boys, Ben and Jem, who have unschooled since birth. Among the articles she has written for Life Learning Magazine is What is Education For?, which was also published in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Susan McLeod-Harrison Susan McLeod-Harrison earned an M.Div. and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology before embarking on this life learning adventure with her seven-year-old son, Micah, and her philosopher husband, Mark. Her passion is exploring the intersection of gender and media, culture, psychology, parenting, and faith. Her book is Saving Women from the Church: How Jesus Mends a Divide (Barclay Press, 2008). Her article Life Learning With Asperger's was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Roland Meighan Roland Meighan, who died in January of 2014, was an “educational heretic” who believes that mass compulsory schooling is an obsolete, counterproductive learning system which abuses human rights and should be phased out as soon as possible. Dr. Meighan believed that schools should be recycled as part of a flexible learning system that is invitational and learner-directed. Author of ten books, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Director of Educational Heretics Press, Director/Trustee of the Centre for Personalised Education Trust Ltd., and formerly Special Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. Among his essays for Life Learning are Some Educational Superstitions of Our Time, (2005) An Education Fit for a Democracy, (2005) and Restructuring Education, which was also published in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Chris Mercogliano Chris Mercogliano worked with children for thirty-five years at the Albany Free School, the oldest inner-city alternative school in the U.S. He is the author of Making It Up As We Go Along, the Story of the Albany Free School, Teaching the Restless, One School’s Remarkable No-Ritalin Approach to Helping Children Learn and Succeed, How to Grow a School: Starting and Sustaining Schools That Work, and In Defense of Childhood: Protecting Kids’ Inner Wildness. His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world, and in seven anthologies; and he has been featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” CBC Radio’s “Ideas,” and many other nationally syndicated radio shows. The father of two daughters, he lives with his wife Betsy in Albany, New York. His article The Self Organizing Child appeared in Life Learning Magazine.



Katherine Michalak Katherine Michalak, school-free all her life, wrote On Expectations and Learning for Life Learning Magazine in 2003, when she was seventeen. At the time, she wrote that she was loathe to leave her garden, her friends (er, family members), their beautiful home, and the tiny town of Crestone, Colorado, nestled against 14,000 ft. peaks. College was not a high priority at the time, but writing was. Another article Sticking With It was also published in Life Learning Magazine.



Helen Michniewicz Helen Michniewicz’s passion is to learn and inspire through curiosity and adventure. She is a corporate psychologist, wife, and mother to three girls. She runs her own consulting practice while joyfully facilitating her children's home-based self-directed learning. She has fifteen years of experience in Fortune/Global 500 companies where she’s led research on how people learn, how they perform, and how they are motivated. She uses the principles of natural learning to educate her children without school… and learning freely. Read her article Creating Curriculum the Natural Way.



Amy Milstein Amy Milstein lives, takes photographs, and writes in New York City. She is the life learning mother of two and a documentary wedding photographer. She says she is a “country girl by birth, city girl by choice, photographer by obsession.” Her article What I Learned in School appears in Life Learning Magazine.



Charlie Morris Charlie Morris and his family live in Chapel Hill, NC. At home, he juggles the roles of home-based business owner, writer, and unschooling, stay-at-home dad. He loves sharing his passion for perspectives that may lead to open minds and open hearts. Through being at home, he has had the opportunity to ponder the less obvious aspects and impacts of unschooling on life and society at large. He is an avid practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Lel and loves all outdoor wilderness pursuits. Charlie is the author of two books, including Voyage Home: One Family’s Experience of Unschooling. His article Living for the Future appeared in Life Learning Magazine.



Angelica Mortensen Angelica Mortensen homeschools her two children all over the Midwestern USA – currently in Des Moines, Iowa. As she emerges from a fog of babyhood and multiple moves, she is getting back to writing regularly. Her article Playing School was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Lynn Marie Murphy Lynn Marie Murphy is a teacher who has worked with Aboriginal youth in the north and youth-at-risk in Toronto, Ontario. She is involved in social justice issues, particularly those that relate to Aboriginal education and youth who are psychiatric survivors. She lives in Toronto with her partner Shawn and their three children Sabine, Simone, and Shea. Her article Redefining Home was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Eric Nagler Eric Nagler is a family and adult entertainer (perhaps best known as the star of the children’s television show Eric’s World and his work with The Elephant Show), children’s recording artist, speaker, writer, and relationship counselor. Among his articles for Life Learning Magazine is When I Was Very Little, published in our first issue in 2002. 



David Nance David Nance has been teaching Spanish online in a variety of formats since 2007. His approach was originally very structured and traditional, but as the years have passed, his views on language teaching and on education have changed dramatically. While still proud of the success that his early efforts had, he now encourages as much student autonomy as possible. David and his wife are raising five little life learners of their own, and hope to relocate to Panama in the near future to give their children the opportunity to broaden their horizons and improve their Spanish. Life Learning Magazine published his article Life Learning Languages.



Alan Oak Alan Oak is, first and foremost, husband to Annette and stay-at-home stepdad to two unschooled children, Kyle and Andrea. He is a passionate Dungeons and Dragons player; a writer; and an activist for peace, unschooling, sustainable living, and local foods. He lives in Richardson, Texas.  His article Giving Up the Gold Stars was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Chuck Oberst Chuck Oberst is a retired engineer and a “September Scholar” living in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. He has five children living in various states throughout the United States. He is a voracious reader of non-fiction with a great appetite for understanding, as guided by his imagination and curiosity. His article September Scholar was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Beverley Paine Beverley Paine began home educating her children, now young adults, in 1986. She’s an active and inspirational member of the Australian home education movement. As an author she’s published several homeschooling books and writes fiction for children and young adults. Her other passions include permaculture, alternative technology, and web design. Her essays for Life Learning Magazine include Learning Through Play, Learning Naturally at Home the Permaculture Way, and Should Do Versus Want To Do.



Julie Persons Julie Persons lives on a farm in rural Maine with her children, husband and various pets.  Her interests include unschooling, painting, photography, gardening, reading, knitting and playing outside. Her article Fear of the TV Beast: Unschooling - Freedom, Trust and Letting Go was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Wendy Priesnitz Wendy Priesnitz is Life Learning Magazine's founder and editor, an author, journalist, and change-maker. She and her husband helped their two daughters learn without school, beginning in the early 1970s, when she established the homeschooling movement in Canada. Her company Life Media publishes Life Learning, Natural Life, Natural Child and Child's Play magazines. She has written thirteen books, three of which focus on unschooling; her latest education book is Beyond School: Living As If School Doesn't Exist. Among her many articles published in Life Learning Magazine are A Life of Learning: Empowering, Trusting, Unschooling, Unschooling is Education Inspired by Nature, Defeating Adultism, The Dark Side of Competition, Exploring the Assumptions About Kids and Electronic Media, and Ready for a Changing World.



J.H. Raichyk J.H. Raichyk, Ph.D. is an author, professional mathematician, and decision analyst with decades of applied experience in both the insurance and retail industries, as well as fifteen years of extensive reading and experience in education trends as a homeschooling mother. Among her articles published in Life Learning Magazine is Unschooling Graduation and the Great Shell Game.



Paul Rathgeb Paul Rathgeb is a writer and youth activist learning on a long stretch of road in the northwest, somewhere between Seattle and Olympia, where he works with Olympia Community Free School. On his weekly visits to Olympia, he occasionally stops off at an intentional community, which was once his nest in the rural outskirts of Washington state’s capital; it is the subject of his article Unintentional Learning in an Intentional Community, which was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Joyce Reed Joyce Reed is the parent of five successful home educated college grads. She served for 14 years as Associate Dean of The College at Brown University where she reached out to homeschooled teens. After retiring, she began consulting with primarily international and homeschooling families seeking to attend college. She is the co-author, with David H. Albert, of the book What Really Matters (which contains essays previously published in Life Learning Magazine. Some of those essays include Workbooks, Parts is Parts, and The Curriculum of Beauty.



Carlo Ricci Carlo Ricci teaches in the faculty of education’s graduate program at Nipissing University and edits the journal JUAL. He incorporates the spirit of unschooling, democratic and learner-centered principles in his classes. He is the father of two children. He says that everything of value that he has learned, he has learned outside of formal schooling; he has never taken a course in school connected to what he now teaches and writes about. His personal schooling experiences as a student and later as a teacher have inspired him to revolt against institutional schooling, and he continues to heal from the wounds inflicted on him by formal schooling. His articles published in Life Learning Magazine include Always Learning from Life, Thanks for the Trust, and The Value of Unstructured Free Play.



Susan Rich Sheridan Susan Rich Sheridan is an artist, writer, parent, and teacher. She received her undergraduate degree in Classics and English from Harvard College and her MAT and doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts. She has taught English and art at the middle school, high school, and college levels. She lectures on her theory of education – Neuroconstructivism – and offers workshops on her cross-modal practice – Drawing/Writing – as well as multiple literacy strategies. Susan's books include one for parents entitled The Scribble Hypothesis. Her article of the same name was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Karen Ridd Karen Ridd is an activist, educator, retired clown, and delighted unschooling mother. Her children Daniel and Ben are responsible for the biggest growth curve in her life – and she appreciates that! Karen lives with her partner Gord and their boys near Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has contributed a number of articles to Life Learning Magazine, including Shakespeare Through an Unschooling Lens. An interview with her mother about unschooling and her grandkids, entitled The Hardest Thing is the Unknown, was also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Ben Riley Benjamin Riley is an accomplished classical and acoustic guitarist, singer/songwriter, and writer. Ben is a graduate of Berklee College of Music’s Online Master Guitar Certificate Program and was a first semester senior Classical Guitar Performance Major at Nyack College when his article A Unique Education was published in Life Learning Magazine. He has performed as a solo classical and acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter at many venues throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond, as well as frequently performing at Nyack College School of Music concerts. In addition, he is a published writer, having written three subject-specific articles for encyclopedias published by Grey House Publishing.



Jessica Roderigo-Dunican Jessica Rodorigo-Dunican lives in Connecticut where she enjoys sharing her days with her three daughters and her husband, Robert. She is most joyful while writing, reading, or walking outside. Her article The Evolution of a Life Learner was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Melinda Roth Melinda Roth and family have been embracing home-based education since the birth of their first child. Life Learning Magazine has published her article Socialization: All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Home.



Ellen Rowland Ellen Rowland is the author of Everything I Thought I Knew: An Exploration of Life and Learning and is currently working on a book about breaking the transgenerational parenting cycle. She lives off the grid on a small island in Greece with her husband and two unschooled teenagers. Among her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Healing Forward: On Becoming a Peaceful Parent, Reflections on a Day Dreamer, The Detective and the Navigator, Working the Omelet, and Staying Afloat: Creating Unschooling Support in an Isolated Situation.



Kenza Saadi Kenza Saadi holds a BA from Cornell University and a PhD from Columbia University. She has spent ten years working for the International Committee of the Red Cross in war zones. An accomplished photographer and author of various biographical accounts and poems, she now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with her seven-year-old son who is learning from life with joy. Her articles Abstract Thinking and Free Learning - The First Months were published in Life Learning Magazine.



Kelly Sage Kelly Sage is a certified facilitator with Women Writing for (a) Change and the Young Women Writing for (a) Change Coordinator. She facilitates adult, young women, and homeschool writing circles. In her former life, she was a middle and high school English teacher. Her article How to Encourage Our Children to Write was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Nathan Schildbach Nathanael Schildbach lives and learns in western Massachusetts with his wife, children, dog, cat, and some racing pigeons that are supposed to be breeding but haven’t got around to it yet. His essays for Life Learning Magazine include World History, Cricket, and the Eye of the Beholder, The Importance of Leaping Before You Look, Knowledge is Power: An Unschooling Pet Peeve, Unschooling Our Dog, and What We Should Know.



Sara Schmidt Sara Schmidt is a full-time writer, life learning mom, artist, wife, and activist from Missouri. Before homeschooling her sister and unschooling her daughter, Sara taught in various capacities, from a European at-risk program and college support services to American Red Cross service corps. She has written for I'm Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write, Daily Kos, the Institute for Democratic Education in America and dozens of other publications. She also writes paranormal fiction. Sara is inspired by nonconformists, guerrilla learning, autodidacts, peaceful revolution, living outside the box, and above all, kids. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Because I Said So and Unschoolers Are at Ease with All Ages.



Christy Severn-Martinez Christy Severn-Martinez is first and foremost a mom, wife, sister, and daughter. She runs a small business from her home, works part-time out of the home, and loves to learn about life all over again with her daughter. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, daughter, and a multitude of pets. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine include Saving Brianna, How Much Math is Enough?, and Screen Time.



Aline Shaw Aline Shaw is wife to Robert, and mother to 4 children, all of whom learned at home. The family has also fostered over 12 children since 1996. One foster son with special needs has resided with them since 1998. Her articles Blooming Beauties and The Art of Educational Illusions were both published in Life Learning Magazine.



Theresa Shea Theresa Shea is the mother of three unschooled children. Her poetry and non-fiction have appeared in several magazines and anthologies in Canada. Her first novel The Unfinished Child deals with the complex moral issues surrounding contemporary conception and birth technologies. An amateur violinist, Theresa spends much of her time trying to get her children to do their music practice. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Her articles Am I Giving Them Enough? When Unschooling Feels Like Unparenting and From Skipping School to Choosing School were published in Life Learning Magazine.



Susannah Sheffer Susannah Sheffer edited John Holt's Growing Without Schooling magazine for many years. Her books include Writing Because We Love To: Homeschoolers at Work and A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls. She enjoys mentoring young writers and is on the staff at North Star, a program for unschooled teens. Among her articles published in Life Learning Magazine are Learning to Write in Freedom, which appeared in the first issue, March/April 2002, and Writing as Sanctuary.



Anna Simmonds Anna Simmonds (Hoffstrom) is a life learner living in the UK with her husband. Until the age of fifteen, she went to public school, when she discovered homeschooling and then life learning/unschooling. Among her articles for Life Learning Magazine are How Unschoolers Get Over Math, We Are The Web, and Jack-of-all-Trades Learning.



Isa Sinclair Isa Sinclair is the mother of two life learning girls. After growing up in Germany where school is mandatory, she now lives with her Canadian husband, her children, and her mother on an acreage near Calgary, Alberta with lots of cats, a dog and chickens. Her children have taught her more about people than five years of psychology at university did. Her article Life Learning for a Child with Sensory Integration Challenges was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Amy Spang Amy Spang and her husband Michael unschool their three sons in West Shokan, N.Y. She is a certified teacher who has worked in public schools and as a private tutor. She now lives and learns at home with her family, cats, dog, chickens, fiber rabbits and vegetable gardens. Her essay The Flow of Self-Directed Learning was published in Life Learning Magazine and also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Jim Strickland Jim Strickland lives in Everett, Washington with his wife and three children. He is a community-based educator in nearby Marysville where he works to promote non-coercive learning and the development of true learning communities. Jim invites response from readers who are interested in joining the conversation on integrating learning with the rest of our lives. One of his contributions to Life Learning Magazine was A Week in the Life of an Unschooled Teen.



Wayne Swanson Wayne Swanson is originally from New York, but found the love of his life and made a home with his family in Northern Maryland. Besides being a husband and father, he is an avid motorsports enthusiast and participant. When he’s not trying to teach his kids the three R’s (Responsibility, Respect and Racing), he spends his time learning from them about life. His article Yesterday was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Eva Swidler Eva Swidler lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their daughter who has never been to school. She juggles spending time with her family, being part of an anarchist bookstore collective, seeking out community and teaching history at Goddard College. Her essay Culture and Community was published in Life Learning Magazine and also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier. She is also the author of Life Learning History.



Tammy Takahashi Tammy Takahashi lives and learns with her family in Southern California. She has had a number of essays published in Life Learning Magazine, including Low Marks for Good Grades and Achieving Full Personhood.



John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto was New York State Teacher of the Year prior to resigning from teaching because he didn’t want to do any more harm to children. He authored Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, The Underground History of American Education, and Weapons of Mass Instruction. Prior to two major strokes in 2011 and his death in 2018, he was a popular speaker at homeschooling conferences around the world. Among Gatto's articles published in Life Learning are Schools do Violence to Children in Society (2002), The Hall of Mirrors (2010), The Curriculum of Play (2010), Breaking From the Herd (2005), Don't Worry About College (2008), Nurturing Everyday Genius (2005), What Really Matters (2006), and We Need Experience More Than We Need Algebra (2012).



Holly Tellander Holly Tellander is a former teacher turned life learner with two children aged six and eight. Her family loves hiking, camping, cooking, foraging, swimming, and all things Nature. Her article “Un-Sanity" – Five Daily Practices of Unstressed Unschoolers was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Alan Thomas Alan Thomas is a developmental psychologist with a particular interest in informal and conversational learning. He has been a teacher at all levels, from primary school through to university in the UK, Holland, Spain and Australia. For many years, he has been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education, University of London, researching home education, especially informal/autonomous/unschooling/natural learning. He has written three books and worked with hundreds of home education families in the UK, Australia, and Ireland. His articles for Life Learning Magazine include Learning Informally and Unschoolers Learn to Read Without Being Taught.



Penny Tuggle Penny Tuggle and her husband have mostly unschooled their children for more than fourteen years. She hopes that one day her children will turn Star Wars: Episode IV into a fully staged ballet. Her article Homeschooling as Redemption was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Martina Tyrrell Martina Tyrrell is an environmental anthropologist, writer, and unschooler. She lives aboard a sailing boat with her husband and two daughters. Her article about unschooling them Learning from Dolphins: Unschooling at Sea was published in Life Learning Magazine, and we also published her own lessons in deschooling herself, entitled Lessons from my Inuit Teachers.



Jane Van Benthusen Jane Van Benthusen led the Free Range Learners unschooling Support group, which is a special interest group within the L.E.A.R.N. (Let Education Always Remain Natural) secular homeschooling support group in Kansas City, Missouri. Her article Unschooled Teens Learning on the Job was published in Life Learning Magazine. She also co-wrote Free Range Learning: A Dialogue for this website.



Kim Weaver Kim Weaver is an unschooling parent of Zoey and Luke, living in Victoria, BC. She and her partner believe that children will find their passions and take flight when given the space to do so. She is finding her own wings through writing. Her article Re-remembering (not to burden our unschooled kids with our expectations) was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Laura Grace Weldon Laura Grace Weldon's essays and poetry have been published in many magazines, including Christian Science Monitor, The Mother, Atlanta Review, and Geez. She's the author of the book Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She lives on Bit of Earth Farm with her family, who ever cheerfully suggest she take her singing outdoors where the cows and chickens might enjoy it. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine have included Expanding The “10,000 Hour” Rule; Climb, Swing and Snuggle: Reading Readiness Has to Do with the Whole Body; The Drive to Discover; and Where Fascination Leads.



Suki Wessling Suki Wessling is a writer and the homeschooling mom of two children. She writes fiction and articles about parenting, gifted children, and education. She is the author of the book From School to Homeschool. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Re-educating the Inner Reluctant Homeschooler and Life Learning in the Internet Age.



Lael Whitehead Lael Whitehead is a musician and writer, and the mother of three grown unschooled daughters. She lives with her husband in the Gulf Islands of BC. Lael is the author of the book A Path of Their Own: Helping Children to Educate Themselves. Among the essays she has had published in Life Learning Magazine are Children and Power, which is also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier, and Don't Praise; Celebrate.



Susan Wight Susan Wight is a homeschooling mother, the coordinator of the Home Education Network in Australia, editor of Otherways Magazine, and co-author of the book Tales Out of School. She’s big on informing and empowering new home educators but critical of anyone who sets themselves up as a home education guru. Among the articles she has written for Life Learning Magazine are The Joy of a Reading Childhood and Liberate Your Education: Unschooling Is Not One-Size-Fits-All.



Sarah Wilkinson Sarah Wilkinson lives in the UK with her husband and son. Having taught in the education system for over ten years, she now focuses on vocal and performing arts coaching and writing. She is a passionate promoter of self-directed learning. Her article Let Them Sing was published in Life Learning Magazine.



Stephanie Williamson Stephanie Williamson is a modern languages student in Bath, UK with the ambition of becoming a writer/journalist. She homeschooled through A Level after reading Grace Llewelyn's The Teenage Liberation Handbook and feeling like an explosion had just taken place inside her head. She is passionate about alternative education and learning, gender equality, and literature. When she is not writing or reading, she can be found spending time with her family and friends in South East England and Northern France. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Age Segregation and Learning and Reading for Pleasure versus Reading for School.



Terri Willingham Theresa Willingham is a Florida-based writer who, along with her husband Steve, unschooled their three children. She has written for a variety of periodicals and websites. Her first book The Food Allergy Field Guide: A Lifestyle Manual for Families (Savory Palate Press) was published in 2000. More recently, she is co-author of the book Makerspaces in Libraries, for the series Library Technology Essentials (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015). She is also the Regional Director for FIRST STEM education programs in Central Florida, and a creative partner at EurekaFactory.NET, which specializes in the development of creative spaces and programming in public libraries and other institutions. She has contributed What's Right With Being Wrong, Home Learning Walden-Style, and The Language of Learning to Life Learning Magazine.



Jeanne Yardley Jeanne Yardley lives with her family near Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Now that her two life learning children are grown, Jeanne is keeping the torch burning by pursuing her interests in writing, pottery, and improvements to home and health. Her articles published in Life Learning Magazine include Apples and Oranges: An Intergenerational Dialogue about Competition and Learning (with Colleen Bagg); It's About Time; and Did Einstein’s Mommy Worry?, which is also included in the book Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier.



Patricia Zaballos Patricia Zaballos is a homeschooling mother of three who lives in Northern California. Once upon a time, she was an elementary school teacher, which has been as much hindrance as help in her life as a homeschooler. For many years, she has facilitated writing workshops for homeschoolers. She has also written a book on nurturing the voices of homeschooled writers. Her articles for Life Learning Magazine are Homeschooling My MFA and How Do Kids Really Learn to Write?.



Nathalie Zur Nedden Nathalie Zur Nedden left her home in Montréal, Québec and quit school at the age of 13. She has been learning ever since, both through life experiences, including world travel and university. Her Ph.D. dissertation at OISE/UT was the life history of Life Learning Magazine editor and life learning advocate Wendy Priesnitz. Among the articles she has written for Life Learning Magazine are Home-Based Learning Inspiration From the Mocha Moms and Learning to Build.

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