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Poems by Wendy Priesnitz: Summer Love, Winter Fires

These poems were published in 1976 in a book entitled Summer Love Winter Fires, which is currently out of print.


People are always sending
poems through the mail that
they think will interest
me or else they bring
their stuff to visit
and we waste a few
important hours by
complimenting each other’s
words because they have
to take advantage of
knowing a poet
two dimensions of flattery
we’d be better making love
I can remember a musician
saying how people are
always thinking they must
talk about the performance
instead of the weather
or beautiful girls


last summer
the way David
needed so badly
to leave the new
people flowers
in his old garden
when he moved
we went for them
in my car
David driving
Jack and I
planted 3 dozen
mixed petunias
while David
made a poem

Poems are (c) 1976 by Wendy Priesnitz