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Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Life Books

Q: How do I get my E-book?
A: When you pay for your E-book at our Natural Life General Store, we will send your PDF via email from our office. If you buy the book in the middle of the night (we are in the North American Atlantic time zone), it will be sent the next morning. More information about our E-books is available here.

Q: My PDF won't open/download/save; can you help me?
A: Our PDF files have been checked prior to being uploaded to our website or sent to subscribers, so if you have a problem downloading one, please check your computer, tablet, or software settings. Here are some tips if you are having problems: Be sure you have the most recent version of your browser, or save the file and open/view it using Acrobat Reader. You might experience a white screen if your connection or computer is slow and taking time to download the file. The Safari browser also sometimes has problems displaying PDFs; downloading and saving them or uninstalling the Adobe plug-in can solve the problem. Updating your version of Acrobat or other PDF reader software, clearing your cache, rebooting your browser, or refreshing your screen may help. For an iPad, iBooks is a good application. You can usually import PDFs into iBooks directly via our e-mail message, or you could sync from your computer or other software. We suggest that you do an Internet search using the device you have and the word "PDF;" that should provide you with access to a variety of online sources of advice relevant to your situation.

Q: Are these books available through Amazon or other similar websites?
A: No. Our books are available directly through this website (which is the retail division of their publisher The Alternate Press, an imprint of Life Media) and by special order through local independent booksellers. Some of the reasons for this are here.

Q: Can our book club buy your books?
A: Yes. Details about discussion materials for book clubs and other discussion groups are here.

Q: Can professors and teachers get copies of your books for consideration as course material?
A: Yes. Some educational institutions use our books in their courses. Details are here.

Q: Will you publish my book?
A: Natural Life Books is a retail site. Author guidelines for The Alternate Press are here.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here. How can I contact you?
A: We are happy to respond to your question by email.

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Natural Life Books specializes in adult non-fiction about ways that families and individuals can live and learn on Planet Earth in a healthy, socially responsible, environmentally sound, self-reliant manner. We are the retail division of The Alternate Press, an imprint of Life Media, an independent, family-owned book and magazine publishing house established in 1976. We are proud to publish books and other information products about homeschooling and life learning (also known as unschooling).

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