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School Free new edition e-bookSchool Free - The Homeschooling Handbook
by Wendy Priesnitz

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An e-book edition of the best-selling homeschooling and home-based learning handbook by the founder and editor of Life Learning Magazine, and well-known life learning pioneer and natural parenting advocate. Wendy and her husband unschooled their two daughters in the 1970s and 80s, and Wendy founded one of the first home-based education organizations in North America. In this helpful guide, she has provided readers around the world with all they need to know to get started helping children learn at home...and to understand the many ways in which self-directed learning at home differs from going to school. Homeschooling topics covered include: guiding self-directed learning, assessment (and what's wrong with testing), writing and/or choosing curriculum (and why and how not to use curriculum), dealing with objections, socialization, the teenaged homeschooler, finding support, dealing with school officials, and much more. An extremely useful, one-of-a-kind guide to home-based, independent learning, it is also a plea for trust of and respect for children. This book has received dozens of enthusiastic reviews and hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from parents. Ebook (PDF) edition only.

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Here's what parents have said about School Free:

Great! A real service to homeschoolers.

I've read everything I can get my hands on about homeschooling, but your book really hits the nail on the head.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful, concise, clear, informative homeschooling book. of the most positive sources of encouragement to us since we began homeschooling.

Here's what reviewers have said about School Free:

When most parents would daycare-ize babyhood and nursery-school away the preschool years, the lone cry of Wendy Priesnitz is a glorious, human song indeed. Deschool!
Compleat Mother Magazine

A fascinating look at home-based education, and a useful source of information for anyone wanting to know how and why to teach children at home.
Home Education Magazine

This handbook manages to be at once philosophically challenging and eminently practical. Priesnitz gives families a superb overview of the basics...and makes an impassioned but reasoned case against compulsory education.
Book Review Annual

Priesnitz presents her research findings and her educational philosophy very well, and her presentation is well documented.
Prairie Messenger

A sensitive and comprehensive discussion about homeschooling.
Canadian Press

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