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Bringing It Home
A Home Business Start-Up Guide for You and Your Family
by Wendy Priesnitz

Bringing it HomeBringing It Home presents hundreds of tips on how to research and start a successful home business and how to run it economically, efficiently and enjoyably. Stay at home with your children, start a second career with low overhead, freelance, downshift, or just economize by moving out of a high-rent office. It will help you learn the most profitable, least stressful way to operate a business from your home. The book is a goldmine of ideas and insight. Included is how-to information about generating business ideas, recognizing opportunities, conducting market research, writing a Business Plan, designing your home workspace, setting prices and managing finances, motivating yourself, juggling family and work, establishing a professional business identity, marketing your product or service, and much more.

About the Author: Wendy Priesnitz has been recognized by Who's Who and the Association of Home-Based Business as a pioneer in the home business field. Along with advising municipalities and other levels of government about the legalities and benefits of home business, she founded the Home Business Network in 1985 and helped low income women start their own home businesses. She has worked at home herself (as a craftsperson, freelance writer, consultant and coach, editor, social entrepreneur, and book/magazine publisher) for over forty years. In addition to having written twelve other books, she edits Natural Life Magazine, Life Learning Magazine, Child's Play Magazine, and Natural Child Magazine. Read more about her here.

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Table of Contents

1. Can I Work At Home?

  • Self-Assessment Techniques
  • The Work-At-Home Lifestyle
  • The Credibility Gap
  • Children and the Home Business
  • Home Office Isolation
  • Overworkers Anonymous
  • Getting Down to Work
  • 2. What Kind of Business Should I Start?

  • Identifying and Filling a Need
  • Evaluating Your Skills and Interests
  • Finding a Business Opportunity
  • Business Trends
  • Common Home Business Ideas
  • Evaluating a Franchise
  • 3. Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

  • Separating Emotion From Fact
  • Projecting Your Success
  • The Issue of Scale
  • Business Plan Format
  • 4. Is My Idea a Good One?

  • The Feasibility Study
  • Identifying Your Market
  • Researching Your Market
  • Studying Your Competition
  • Finding a Market Niche
  • Estimating the Market Size
  • Sales Forecasting
  • 5. How Do I Find Customers?

  • The Marketing Approach
  • Selecting a Business Name
  • Your Business Image
  • Types of Advertising and Promotion
  • Understanding Buyer Behavior
  • Getting Free Publicity
  • 6. Will My Home Business Make Money?

  • Start-Up Costs and Finding Capital
  • Operating Expenses
  • Recordkeeping and Financial Statements
  • Income Tax Deductions For the Home Business
  • Forecasting Cash Flow
  • Setting Your Prices
  • 7. How Do I Make it Legal?

  • Types of Business Registration
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Insurance for the Home Business Owner
  • Zoning Bylaws
  • Hiring Employees
  • 8. How Do I Find Suppliers?

  • Locating Suppliers
  • Evaluating Suppliers
  • Negotiating Terms
  • 9. How Can I Balance My Family and Business?

  • Setting Priorities and Goals
  • Managing Time and Stress
  • Organizing Surroundings
  • The Work-at-Home Family
  • 10. Can I Stay Employed and Work at Home?

  • The History of Telework
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Management Strategies
  • Work-At-Home Schemes and Scams
  • 11. How Do I Design My Home Workspace?

  • Finding the Right Room in My Home
  • Lighting, Furniture, Storage, Equipment
  • The Healthy Home Home Office
  • The Home-Based Art Studio
  • 12. Unjobbing

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