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Reader Profile

Natural Life readers are progressive, well educated and well informed. They are at the leading edge of the group of people that has been dubbed "LOHAS", which refers to those who want "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability." Their purchasing decisions are values-driven and significantly affected by their concern about human and planetary health. They also have a high degree of influence over others, and are, according to research, three times as likely as the general population to influence and teach others about the benefits of green products and services.

  • 80% of Natural Life readers are women between the ages of 35 and 55.
  • 78% of readers hold a college or university degree.
  • 80% live in North America, with the majority in the U.S.A.

Natural Life readers are green living and family oriented. They are seeking information about organic food, clothing, bedding, and household fabrics, as well as organic and environmentally-safe, non-toxic household practices. They are committed to attachment parenting practices and they educate their children in progressive ways like unschooling, homeschooling, and democratic schooling.

  • 85% have children living at home.
  • 90% regularly buy organic produce.
  • 95% regularly use natural remedies, herbs and supplements.
  • 94% are concerned about the dangers of genetically modified ingredients.
  • 86% enjoy sustainable family-based outdoor leisure activity and eco-touring.

Natural Life readers are interested in green, energy-efficient living. They are homeowners who are knowledgeable about environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient practices that allow their families to be self-reliant while decreasing their household’s ecological footprint.

  • 90% have purchased green products for their homes in the last year.
  • 82% plan to purchase a fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric vehicle in the next year.
  • 89% intend to make health or energy related improvements to their homes.
  • 75% would like to purchase or build an off-grid or alternatively constructed home.
  • 78% are avid organic gardeners, with many growing a sizable portion of their family’s food.
  • 96% regularly compost and recycle.

Natural Life has been working with this type of reader for over four decades, ensuring that they get the respect and information they need to live healthier, simpler, more environmentally sustainable lives.

Statistics taken from periodic random surveys of Natural Life readers and website visitors.


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