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Index of articles about natural parenting and homeschooling from Natural Life Magazine

Natural Parenting, Homeschooling / Unschooling, & Family Life
(articles from the archives of Natural Life Magazine)

For more inspiration about natural parenting, check out these books by the publishers of Natural Life Magazine:

For the Sake of our Children For the Sake of Our Children by Léandre Bergeron, (foreword by John Taylor Gatto) - A memoir that chronicles a fascinating year in the life of a rural Quebec radical unschooling (life learning) and natural parenting family. Bergeron is a well-known author and activist who has long advocated for educational, political and social reform. And this book details many of his principles, while providing an inspirational look at how three young girls learn by living. Read an article the author wrote for Natural Life Magazine in 1995 and an excerpt from the book published in Natural Life Magazine. Go here for more information about the book and to order online.

Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier

Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier edited by Wendy Priesnitz - A unique collection of 30 essays about the philosophy and the experience of living the unschoolng lifestyle. These are some of the best articles from the first six years of Life Learning Magazine. A great introduction to this progressive style of education, written by parents and young people who have experienced it first hand. Includes learning to read and do math without being taught, the importance of unstructured play, learning when you’re ready, what’s wrong with curriculum, trusting children to do their best naturally, a grandparent’s reaction to unstructured homeschooling, learning in the real world, parents as role models, self-reliance in life and learning, and much more. Go here for more information and to order online.



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