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Steps to Conserving Water at Home
Saving water is good for your budget…and for the planet
by Rolf Priesnitz

Most of us take for granted an abundant supply of good, fresh water. However, we shouldn’t. Although almost 80 percent of the Earth is covered with water, only three percent of that is fresh water. Less than one percent is available for human consumption; the rest is bound up in glaciers and polar ice caps. Unfortunately, our thirst for water – to create electricity, grow crops, run factories and for household and sanitation needs – is increasing faster than the population is growing. Global water consumption rose almost tenfold in the last century and many parts of the world are now reaching the limits of their supplies. According to the United Nations, if current trends continue, two out of every three people on earth will suffer moderate to severe water shortages in little more than two decades from now. Globally, one in six people still have no regular access to safe drinking water, and more than twice that number (2.4 billion people) lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.

North America is one of the biggest water wasting areas of the world. According to the American Water Works Association, the average U. S. resident uses about 110 gallons (416 liters) a day. Statistics Canada says that Canadians use 335 liters (89 gallons) per day – 35 percent for bathing, 30 percent for toilet flushing, 25 percent for laundry and cleaning, and 10 percent for drinking and cooking.

Aside from the issue of declining supplies, water uses a great deal of energy to pump, move and purify. So if you want to do your part to tackle this looming water problem, here are some ways to conserve water in your home...

This article was published in Natural Life Magazine in 2007.

Rolf Priesnitz is the co-founder and Publisher of Natural Life magazine. He has also been a plumber for over 40 years and worked in academia. Read more about him.


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