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Thoughtful, positive commentary about - and individual solutions for - all aspects of healthy, sustainable family living, including simple living, organic gardening, green homes, and wellness.
30-day yoga challenge

My 30-Day Yoga Challenge - A 30-day yoga challenge creates a sustained, regular practice, which results in the many physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits associated with yoga.

cruelty-free cosmetics

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics 101 - Many cosmetic companies test their new products and ingredients by forcing animals to endure horrific practices. Here is how to avoid purchasing products that have been animal tested.

George Monbiot interview

The Green Interview: George Monbiot - Broadcaster Silver Donald Cameron interviews one of the world's most influential, original, and courageous environmental journalists about the state of the world, and of Canada.

connecting with a place

Flippancy and Connecting with a Place - Connecting with a dwelling place is a commitment which engages the whole person, including very practical real estate matters and even deep spiritual values. This thoughtful essay illuminates both.




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