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Thoughtful commentary about - and individual solutions for - the pressing problems of our planet. We cover creative self-reliance, green living, natural homes, healthy food and organic gardening, natural parenting and alternative education, sustainable economics, health and wellness, life-affirming leisure activities, and many other aspects of natural family living. Currently a web-based magazine, we present over 600 free articles on those topics...and are adding new articles on a weekly basis. Check out the new ones below, and come back often to see what is new.

Microfibers - How microfibers, which are in synthetic fabrics downcycled from plastic, are polluting our oceans, our air, and our water...and damaging our health too.

designing sustainable homes

Designing Sustainable Homes - An interview with two eco-architects and home designers who discuss their philosophies of designing sustainable homes.

dental health

The Tooth Is Connected to the...Everything! - A whole-body dentist reveals the connection between the health of your teeth/mouth and your overall wellness.

Taoist parables

Flow with the Way of Nature and Live Simply - Here are some interpretations of ancient Chinese Taoist parables that can help us find our way in today's world.

green roofs

Green Roofs are Growing Food and Biodiversity - Commercial green roofs are becoming popular. A supermarket in Montreal grows organic produce for sale in the store.

living without plastic

How to Live Without Plastic - To help you go plastic-free in your home, here are some tips for refusing and replacing the ubiquitous material while living your daily life.


Nature Mysticism and Social Action 200 Years After Thoreau - Thoreau's reactions to the troubles of his time can help us find a balance between serenity and social action.

high desert gardening

High Desert Gardening - The challenges and successes of growing vegetables and flowers in an arid high desert locale that had previously been covered with stones.


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