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Thoughtful commentary about - and individual solutions for - the pressing problems of our planet. We cover creative self-reliance, green living, natural homes, healthy food and organic gardening, natural parenting and alternative education, the new economy, health and wellness, life-affirming leisure activities, and many other aspects of healthy, sustainable family living. Currently a web-based magazine, we present close to 600 free articles on those topics and more...and we are adding new articles on a weekly basis. Check out the new ones below . . . . and come back often.

Natural Life 2015 Annual - Our 2015 Natural Life Magazine Annual is available for purchase. All the articles from 2015 in one PDF e-book, complete with an index.

sharing economy

No Car, No Problem: Getting Around in the Sharing Economy - The sharing economy makes it relatively easy to get around without a car.

greener, healthier home

8 Ways to a Greener, Healthier Home - There are many things you can do to create a greener, healthier home; here are eight important ones to consider.

birthing my garden

Birthing My Garden - Transforming grass into garden, like parenting, involves a lot of sweaty, dirty, backbreaking work and patience, while deepening relationships.

dental floss

What is Dental Floss Made of? - We should question which type of dental floss to use, for both our health and that of the environment. And is it really effective anyway?

sustainably cut flowers

Sustainably Produced Cut Flowers - Cut flowers have become a multi-billion dollar global trade industry with a not so pretty underbelly rooted in where and how they are grown.

wildflower garden

Grow Native! - The ins and outs and the ecological advantages of planning, planting, and maintaining a native plant wildflower garden.

community kitchens

Communal Food - The community kitchen movement covers everything from batch cooking and friends sharing the joy of cooking and eating, to helping low income people to eat better.




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