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"Welcome! Whether you're interested in unschooling and self-education, or a more formal approach to homeschooling in Canada, you'll find what you need to get started on this site."

Wendy Priesnitz, pioneering
Canadian home education advocate

Deschooling Ourselves: Learning on the Job

One of the big challenges for new homeschooling parents is to move beyond school type thinking and allow our children the space, time, and trust to drive their own learning. As we deschool ourselves, we model self-direction for them.
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Socializing Remy

Socialization of children does happen in school, in a group of age-restricted peers. The question really is: What kind of socialization and toward what end?
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Learning What's Important

Many parents who are new to the home-based learning experience ask, “How do I know that my child is learning what’s important?” Well, “what's important” is a highly subjective phrase! It depends upon one’s world view, definition of education, ambitions (or lack of) for a child’s career, and much more. But no matter what you feel your children should be learning, don’t worry about being able to tell if that learning is occurring.
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